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Comment According to the author, publisher, reviewer, (Score 2) 139

It's a dense, well-researched overview of China's cold-war like cyberwar tactics against the US to regain its past historical glory and world dominance.

How do I know how much of it I should believe? (Other than the fact that I read it on the internet.)

Yeah, you'd have to be delusional to think that countries play nice with each other, but seriously, how do we know how much of this is fact and how much is fearmongering (or cashing in on existing fears), or politics?

Comment Re:"You can't handle the truth!" (Score 1) 419

This is no different than what the Allies did with Enigma and Magic; unfortunately once you know a system is compromised the enemy will stop using it, so while everyone is hewing and crying over the loss of security, what this means is that it'll just be that much harder to stop plots as the bad guys won't use these systems any more.

Are you suggesting that international terrorist organizations, organized crime, and foreign spies trusted their telephones as secure communications until this came out?

All this will catch is small-time operators. Oh, wait - it won't catch them either, because they won't be calling suspicious phone numbers.

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