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Comment Its always about $$$ and the false idea that... (Score 1, Insightful) 701

Its always about $$$ and the false idea that money will solve the problem. Lets just tax everyone to death and we can solve global climate change. This turns me sceptical to the point that I want nothing else to do with climate change. You have the Al Gores of the world setting themselves up to cash in on the climate change movement together with many of the large corporations, all frothing at the bit to cash in on climate change. While this remains the focus of climate change I'm not having anything to do with it. I'd really appreciate it if some of these top scientist can focus on demonstrating to the general public in a way that is understandable by the general public how they have proven that the climate change is the result of MANS interference with nature and not some cyclical climatic movement that has been going on for millions of years. Is this so hard for them to do, to clearly just give us the proof in a way we can understand and accept.

Comment The entire medical establishment needs an acidbath (Score 1) 651

The whole medical establishment has positioned itself to take full advantage of the sick and its cosy ties with the never ending government funding $$$ machine. They have their claws into everything and they scratch each others back i.e the doctors and big drug companies. It's going to take a lot of work but the whole system needs dismantling, the large medical corporations need to be put in their place and made non profit, the specialists and doctors need to be taught how to care for their patients instead their bank accounts. The whole establishment needs an acid bath and a new beginning. We need to start at the medical schools to ensure the future doctors are in it for the right reasons.

Comment Re:Stop Taking Notes (Score 1) 823

You mentioned something here that make a lot of sense and that is 'attention'. Listening with attention and gaining direct understanding is the quickest and most effective way to learn something. Young children don't usually have the same attention span as adults (or as adults should have) so learning by writing over and over makes sense but after a certain stage it should be that students are able to direct their attention on what someone is describing and be able to follow that. That is the most economical and wise use of a techers time in the classroom setting and one I'd longed for throughout my student years but never had. Well done, your students will love you for it.

Comment Re:What about INSTEON? (Score 1) 409

Yes Insteon is excellent, it basically covers everything the questioner wants and if combined with Universal Devices ISY 99i Pro you don't even need a computer to run it, you do however need browser access to the ISY device to program it which is the fun part. I'm a DIYer and have installed about 30 light switches, 2 of which are three-way, a bunch of power recepticles and movement sensors for some of the lights. It works both wirelessly and over the powerlines of the house which makes it really easy to install (no cables). The wireless frequency is different to the standard house devices so you wont get interference. This is a significnat level above the x10 stuff and works consistently as advertised.

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