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Comment Re:Consoles (Score 4, Informative) 278

Unfortunatly DRM is more about market control and medium control then preventing piracy. It was shown time and time again that all DRM is eventualy broken and will not stop the pirate. It will however stop the used seller, region lock the product and force antiquated distribution pratice. Currently piracy is the convinient excuse. I would think that if piracy would go away tomorrow our media would still contain DRM just in case...

Comment Re:Law should be like code. Not up for interpretat (Score 1) 186

Yes, regulation free heaven, where there's melamine in milk and where your drinking water can catch fire. Where Lake are greenish yellow and where forest turn to desert. But corporation make a lot of money. Bitch all you want about regulation but they help a lot keeping our general environement relatively pollution free. It mean we get to eat fish and drink milk without the fear of poisoning with heavy metals. It also mean our drugs are efficient and proven. And if you think that you still get all that without regulation. Check china.

Comment Ergh, horrible article is horrible. (Score 1) 97

Seriously, would it kill them to do better then forum reading and printing post almost verbatim. The issue as i understand it is that if you have a mac os 10.7 open ldap server or apple open directory it will either not let user login or let them login without password. but nobody has any details, or my googlefuu failed me... Still that should have been caught in beta.

Comment Re:Excuse me Sir, I'm lost... (Score 2, Interesting) 234

I would guess that google is a lot harder to crack legaly then three guys in a basement. Make no mistake the mafiaa is really interested in preventing anyone from getting to torrent files. They would love to force google to clean up it's database of "illegal" material. They are however aware that google can pay lobbyist to.

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