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Comment Re:Excuse me Sir, I'm lost... (Score 2, Interesting) 234

I would guess that google is a lot harder to crack legaly then three guys in a basement. Make no mistake the mafiaa is really interested in preventing anyone from getting to torrent files. They would love to force google to clean up it's database of "illegal" material. They are however aware that google can pay lobbyist to.

Comment Re:Just a thought (Score 1) 1088

Look like your facebook account ? We have to face the fact that personal information does not have the same value for all. And sometime it's scary how critical info is available for all to read at everybody indiference. Regardless. We hide personal information because the critical infrastructure that depend on it is not secure enought to resist am indentity theft. The fact that everybody know my bank account number should not matter since they should not be able to access it for example.

Comment Re:Does anyone.... (Score 1) 156

Yast is a bit assinine. On SLES 11 if you edit your network config it tend to erase your primary gateway. Still it's nice to use when you don't now how to write a config file. It make for good example. Just remember that if you edited something by hand don't use yast on that config file. And always backup your config before making any change.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2, Insightful) 233

Because they want to integrate it with theyre security suite or theyre logging solution, because they have over 9000 machine using it. If they want to spend the budget they could buy fancy new chair instead of wasting programmer and consulting time coding a app. Don't forget that gouvernement is big and app deployement, monitoring and security is not free.

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