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Comment Re:Waste heat is inefficient (Score 1) 80

Why not? The dumb ones may be easier to find. A crime analyst once told me he rarely finds smart crooks, but usually the dumb ones who leave obvious patterns. If they were smart, they'd probably be in a real profession instead of breaking into houses.

Similarly, aliens that don't want to be detected are probably not the ones we'd find first. It's the stupid ones that will stand out.

Comment Re:Thermodynamics (Score 1) 80

How is the required ability to outshine said galaxy NOT a severe constraint?. The only thing this technique could possibly detect would be a Borg style alien civilization that has conquered and then overpopulated an entire galaxy, I'd say that puts a very tight constraint on the kind of aliens it can detect and a huge assumption that such galaxy wide civilizations are even possible in the first place. I think they should rename the project to A-HAT ( Aliens Harbouring Awesome Technology)

Comment Re:Wet Dream (Score 1) 99

It's not about just the feature, but Sony's willingness to degrade the value and capability of the products it sells you after you've already bought them.

This is the main problem with consoles: When you buy one, and you buy a bunch of games, you don't own squat. You're completely at the mercy of Sony. They can take back what you've paid for without your permission.

Sony counts on people not reading or not understanding their EULA. If people knew what they were actually agreeing to, I'm not sure there would be nearly as many consoles sold. But clearly people don't care, until they do. Me, I've learned my lesson about Sony and they are on my permanent pay-no-mind list. It's not that I think my purchasing decision is going to make a difference to them, but it damn well makes a difference to me.

Comment Re:Wet Dream (Score 2) 99

So, you think wanting a feature that was in the product when you bought it and then taken away is the same as demanding a premium stereo, leather seats and a V8?

You think wanting a feature as easy to include as in-game chat is going to double the cost of the PS3 to Sony?

Wait a minute, we're talking about Sony here. I don't have to argue a case proving that they are hostile to their customers. They're behavior over the past few decades is proof enough that they think you are stupid enough to buy their products. They laugh at you.

Comment Re:Wet Dream (Score 3, Interesting) 99

That's a fanboy wishlist, not a well thought out, profit-oriented list of reasonable items that have any hope of getting added to a down-market, end of life console that's in cost-cutting, discount sales mode.

When you say "fanboy", I think you meant, "customer".

I know consumers are only supposed to accept what the corporation deigns to give them nowadays, but there was a time when companies used to say, "the customer is always right" and actually try to give them products that they wanted.

Today, it's "The customer needs to just STFU, accept the EULA and use our product the way we want them to use our product, until we decide to take that away too and force them to buy our next product, because corporations are people, my friend. People who happen to be your goddamn overlords. Now bow before, me, worm".

Comment Metalocalypse (Score 2) 38

I don't know if any of you are fans of the magnificent cartoon "Metalocalypse", but if you are, it occurs to me that an active volcano named, "Bardarbunga" on the Dyngjujokull glacier in Iceland is exactly the kind of place Dethklok would hold one of their massive concerts where everything goes wrong and there's a total catastrophe with thousands of casualities.

Seriously, the first thing I thought of when I read the summary was Dethklock being lowered onto the stage by four armor-laden quadracopters being flown by their henchment and one of William Murderface's bass notes triggering the volcano, causing lava to burst forth over the audience. That show is friggin' hilarious.


Comment Re:Not sure about an older Doctor Who (Score 4, Funny) 186

Not to mention the fantastic Dune/Star Trek crossover. The best scenes are where Nurse Chapel seduces Baron Harkonnen (and much hilarity ensues) and Paul Atreided and Captain Kirk compare whether the Weirding way or the monkey kick are more effective. Best catchphrase "dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a Bene Tleilax facedancer."

Comment Smart. Dumb. Doesn't matter. (Score 5, Interesting) 243

Success is about being in the right place at the right time with the correct skill set to take advantage of the situation. Hard work is the way you maximize your skill sets to that should you find yourself at the intersection of time and place you take advantage of it. The thing is, not only can't that intersection be anticipated, it can't be identified even when it's happening. Only in hindsight can you look back and realize where the critical moment was when your success actually started. Sadly, most people can't even do that. They believe that climbing the mountain of success was solely the result of having applied their skills and hard work, never realizing that - as the result of fortuitous time and place of their application - they were actually running down hill from that point on.

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