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Comment Terrible Idea (Score 2) 2

Two big problems:

(1) You can not rely on cert revocation to protect from bad actors because revocation can't happen in real time. No matter what, each car is gong to need to be able to deal with bad actors, and once you've got that logic in there, the value of revoking their status is small.

(2) As a side effect this system will create unique public IDs for every vehicle, making surveillance 100x easier than it is now with license plate cams which are already way too egregious.

Comment Re:Why would you want to? (Score 1) 92

If it's to help the phone survive drops, then that's what they should talk about.

I can't imagine a reason I would ever want to bend my phone.

Now if I were planning on going to prison, I could see how a bendable phone might make it easier to smuggle one into my cell, but it's still not going to be very comfortable, going in or coming out. And god forbid I get a call while my phone is hidden in a body cavity. I keep my phone on vibrate and it could get very embarrassing.

Comment Re:The numbers (Score 1) 545

Almost all law involving minors is based around the ancient notion that people don't start thinking until someone else tells them to. Until that time, the father/owner/king knows best, right?

Yep, that's right. Except the word is "teach" not "tell". Methods of teaching have improved enormously in the last century or two, for example Tomas Edison's father disciplined him with a public beating in the town square. It was not an uncommon punishment for misbehaving children. I grew up in the 60's, a time when both teachers and parents would regularly punish children with a cane or a strap.

I don't agree with either "teaching method" but I still love my dad dearly. Even as a child I knew he did not enjoy disciplining his kids with the cane, however he believed with all his heart he was doing the "right thing". It was a reflection of how he was raised (near Manchester UK, during WW2), "anything that doesn't kill you will make you stronger".

The thought of abandoning Tomas to the law of the jungle would horrify Edison's father, When you have kids of your own you'll understand that in most cases it has nothing to do with "ownership" and everything to do with wanting the best future possible for your child. The rock spiders crawling all over the honey pot in TFA did not go there with best interests of the "child" in mind, they went there for sexual-gratification.

OTOH, once a child hits puberty then morality and intent becomes very fuzzy which is why arbitrary post-pubescent age limits never really work as advertised. Such laws are intended for use by the parents and guardians as a legal weapon against predators, but are often used against a slightly older boyfriend the parents simply think is "not good enough".

Comment Re: Installing FCs in servers/racks won't work (Score 1) 108

No, no, no, you don't understand what we are talking about here. First, this is hydrogen, a gas with a molecule so small it can diffuse through steel. I have never seen a rubber hose used for hydrogen and I think I know why it would leak like the sieve it would be. In the appropriate conditions hydrogen can leak through steel so fast it can sustain a continuous fire (which by heating only promotes more permeation). Natural gas is a very tame fuel compared to hydrogen. Second, a flammable gas, like hydrogen or NG, in an environment with lot of electronics (none of it ATEX-certified I presume) generates a mother load of safety issues I can't even begin to grasp the magnitude of. No data centre currently has to deal with gas explosions, and if nothing else the insurance costs will go through the roof. This would be only an enormous risk for no gain whatsoever.

Comment Re:Wrong and right don't enter into it. (Score 1) 239

I promise you that the next military attack on this country will not come from within the government. Based on the history of the last 25 years, I'd say you've got a 50/50 chance of the next big terrorist attack coming from a US citizen or a foreign national. It's more like 80:20 (in favor of the attack coming from a US citizen) for a smaller scale terrorist attack, but only if you discount mass shootings as simple domestic crimes which don't count as terrorism, as that would make a US citizen attacking other citizens in a terrorist/mass shooting event being nearly 100% probability.

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