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Submission + - Why Richard Stallman Should Be The Next Microsoft CEO 1

theodp writes: On Wednesday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg struck back at critics who have charged tech companies with doing too little to fight off NSA surveillance. While Yahoo, Facebook, and other tech firms are pushing for the right to be allowed to publish the number of requests they receive from the spy agency, none of the CEOs appear to be man-or-woman-enough to up the ante beyond a Mother-May-I protest. Well, Bunky, that's where the soon-to-be-Ballmer-less Microsoft — and Richard Stallman — come into the picture. Much like Ralph Nader was with the auto industry, Stallman has shown he's unlikely to ask for permission or forgiveness when it comes to matters of the software freedom and privacy heart, even if it's not in his financial best interest. So, why not make RMS iMicrosoft-CEO-for-a-Day, just long enough to spill the beans on the Fed snooping in his own indomitable way? The Microsoft Board could fire his butt immediately after the revelations, and Stephen Elop could take over the reins and not have to go through the charade of making a principled stand for Microsoft in the NSA mess. Aside from possible treason charges, it's win-win!

Comment Re:This is why I have a 1 week delayed install pol (Score 2) 254

About the only way I can see you safely making a backup image before applying updates to an AD domain controller is to make the image, then download the updates, and then most importantly disconnect the DC from the network, or at least sever all links from any other DCs in the forest before applying the updates. That way if things do go south you can always restore the backup without having mucked up the rest of the forest.

I've done it on my forest, but each network segment is connected by a VPN or VLAN and there is only one DC per segment, so it would be relatively easy to segregate a DC during updates. Having more than one DC in the same AD site on the same segment would be a pain.

Comment Re:201 mph (Score 1) 226

I did 110 (according to the spedometer..maxed out) in an '87 CRX.

It's I-5, the name of the game on that road is get the fuck through to where you're going.

That's probably the number 1 road around to go all out. Nothing's there and it's flat as fuck.

If I had the time for scenery and curves, I'd be on the 101.

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