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Comment Re:OMG 9 hour... (Score 4, Insightful) 176

basically a global EMP

I was starting to think I was on the wrong website, I had to read down this far before someone finally understands the threat is more than a just a mess of power line knocked down in a storm. Sure humans were built to survive without electricity, but not in the vast numbers created by our invention of civilization. The numbers supported by a civilization are directly related to its technology level. Without electricity we will be metaphorically back in the 1920's with 7X the number of people on our little rock requiring food and shelter.

If the damage takes too long to fix civil war and mass migration is a likely outcome, which will be hard to believe for people who think that drought has nothing to do with the Syrian war.

Comment Re:Someone's got some s'plainin' to do... (Score 3, Informative) 569

It's worth knowing that the "evidence" is comprised of the personal photographs of the victim of the crime:

described some contents of his report such as a photo of an African-American hand holding a gun, a photo of a plant resembling marijuana and a text message referring to a gun transaction.

Are you saying that someone holding a gun is "evidence" even though there was no gun belonging to Trayvon Martin found at the scene? Or is the fact that he's a young black man holding a gun prima facie evidence that Trayvon must have really been a thug so he deserved to be killed for walking down the street with an iced tea and pack of Skittles? And, "a text message referring to a gun transaction"? Again, what would any of this have to do with the fact that George Zimmerman shot an unarmed person?

What exactly is any of this "evidence" of? What are you trying to say, son?

Comment Re:Loud and clear (Score 1) 569

Your Rick Scott comment is irrelevant and, I suspect, bepeaks of a particular political bias

In fact, considering Rick Scott's approval rating among the citizens of Florida, negative comments about the governor do not really "bepeaks" of any particular political bias.

It appears that he's pretty much hated across the political spectrum.

Comment Re:Just Never (Score 4, Funny) 194

Way, way back in time I was visiting a friend whose mom had just gotten a newfangled cutting board. It was ceramic and it was made by Corning. We were geeking out about it a bit (it was so novel) and then my friend tells me the coolest thing about it is that it's unbreakable, upon which he grabs the thing and throws it on the floor. You guessed it. About five thousand pieces.

Comment Cherry MX Brown (Score 2) 177

Forget about latency. It's not that big an issue with decent keyboards.

Just get yourself a decent mechanical keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches. The Cherry Blue are good for typists, but not for gamers. The Browns are just right for keyboard gaming. Coolermaster makes about the least expensive one that is well-made. About $80 at newegg. Mine is a Ducky, but it was too expensive. The Coolermaster is every bit as good, and $60 cheaper.

Comment Re:Snowden-Style Security Breaches (Score 1) 381

What is wrong with you? Do you think that a very narrow-reading of the title that conflicts with than the actual content of the article is in any way meaningful? Do you honestly believe that you are correct here? Are you trying to troll me? Are you trying to protect your ego by not admitting you made a mistake? What is in your head that makes you write such a transparently false statement?

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