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Comment Re:How do they know they need to update? (Score 1) 454

Games have the firmware they need on the disc. If you try playing it on a lower firmware version it asks to update just like if there's a new update online. But if they only use it for playing movies and have no internet, you're right, they will have to update some other way when they come out with new Blu-ray profiles.

Comment Re:How is this different from ... (Score 1) 454

You don't need a network connection. Try playing a game that requires a new firmware. Same thing: Do you want to update?, yes, done. I suppose if you only use your PS3 for a Blu-ray player, have no internet and get a movie that requires an update to play for some reason then this service might be useful to you.

Comment How do they know they need to update? (Score 1) 454

The thing that's stupid about this is that if your PS3 NEEDS a firmware update it asks you if you want to update, you select "yes" and you're done. If they don't know how to update the system how do they know they need to update it? Are people seeing the system say "Would you like to update?" and just freaking out? "OH GOD WHAT IS THIS SIMPLE YES OR NO QUESTION?! MY BRAIN CAN NOT HANDLE IT! I shall drive all the way to Best Buy and have them solve this riddle for me."

Comment Re:Summary of what I've seen so far (Score 1) 164

Clearly you don't understand. The isolation is hardware based, there is no "setup code." Once it has been isolated there is no way to access it through software. Theoretically the code running in isolation could leak it's valuable information to the outside world, but unfortunately the code has to be signed to run in isolation and is checked by the hardware root key. In other words you can't "unlock" the isolation with software, and you can only run what's already there, nothing new.

Comment Re:This guy is a hack, not a hacker. (Score 1) 164

Exactly. The only thing this does is remove the HV restrictions on the OtherOS. That will in no way allow any sort of manipulation of the GameOS. The sad thing is that George actually believes he unlocked it saying... "The system isn't locked, you have access to everything now. The root key can't be dumped, it can only be used, and is similar to many other crypto engines on platforms that have widely been considered hacked, such as the iPhone and PSP" Obviously he didn't read up on how the Cell BE works and is completely delusional if he thinks it's anything like the iPhone or PSP. It's really not that hard for even a non-technical person to see that getting past the HV doesn't do any good by reading this

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