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Comment Re:Why has it taken 50 years? (Score 1) 585

It must be demonstrably true to be considered true; but it also must be demonstrably false to be considered false. Perhaps there are people who have found what they consider demonstration of its veracity? Even if you doubt that, you cannot call it false until you have demonstrated it to be false.

emphasis mine.

Proving something false is far, far more difficult than proving something true. The burden of proof is on those making extraordinary claims, not those refuting them. This is why the faster-than-light neutrino scientists have to prove their claim and why other scientists are attempting to replicate the feat. This is my largest issue with religion over all; rather than move forward attempting to prove the veracity of the particulars of their faith, embracing the results regardless of the direction they lead, they tend to rely on the "you can't prove it didn't happen!" fallacy. Zealotry is bad, mmkay?

Comment MSCE != MCSE (Score 1) 580


MSCE can mean:
Master of Science in Civil Engineering; see Civil engineering
Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology
Master of Science in Communications Engineering; see Telecommunications engineering

MCSE, assuming he meant the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and just accidentally Typo Engineered(tm) the acronym, is no longer being developed by MS in part due to the reasons he's implying. MS has created MCITP to replace the MCSE certs - there are no MCSE certifications for Windows Server 2008 and beyond.


Joel M. Leo, MCSE

Comment Servers? (Score 1) 514

I've worked in managed hosting for more than a decade and HP servers have proven themselves over and over again. I see no mention of HP divesting themselves of their servers in TFA - anyone have any insights beyond the "well, its not in the article so its not on the table"?

Comment Carebear Tears *mmmmmmm* (Score 1) 315

I've been playing continuously since August of 2003. I earn enough doing very little to pay for 3 accounts with ISK and I have a ton of experience in the game - market manipulation, industrial stuff, sciency stuff, sov warfare, solo hunting, massive capital fleet warfare etc etc.

My take on this is twofold:

1) Carebear tears will become a LOT more succulent
o/ --- this is Jim, a well-skilled player from 2005. Well, not REALLY. The real Jim sold the account on ebay to the new owner who has only played a trial account with a friend of his who has been in the game for about a year.

Jim just bought a Nyx (supercarrier hull costs roughly 15 billion ISK) with real money from CCP's Noble Exchange. He's kitted it out with some officer mods, lots of deadspace stuff and has a clone with expensive Slave implants - His friend told him that this setup is ungankable - he's close to invulnerable - can't even be warpscrambled amirite? All save the hull were bought with ISK from selling PLEX in the game. In total lets say he's got 24 BILLION between the ship and mods - . Lets say he bought 84 PLEX at $1469.58US (3 packs of 28 PLEX for $489.86 each pack) plus lets say conservatively (based on the Monacle price) $1000 for the hull. $2469.58 US Dollars for Jim's shiny supertoy.

Wanting to try out his new supertoy, Jim goes hunting belt rats in a .4 system. He kills a few cruiser rats, some battlecruiser rats and lots of frigate rats, all of whom die to his unending fleets of tech 2 drones. A few people pass through the system and time passes with the wrecks of the rats piling up.

o7 --- this is me. I pass through his system and check the directional scanner. I see a Nyx on scan with no POS. Only wrecks are bog-standard belt rats, not the deadspace variants, so he's not in an anomaly or mission. I zip through the belts in my Broadsword and quickly locate him. Landing within the range of my infinite point, I immediately engage, set my orbit and yell on teamspeak about the Nyx I just tackled.

Jim doesn't really know whats happening so he tries to warp away - the Nyx is invulnerable to warp jamming right? Not for the heavy interdictor's infinite point. He goes nowhere. Thinking he can quickly dispatch me he launches a bunch of fighter bombers. The fighter bombers impotently orbit my broadsword, missing each shot because my ship is so small - the fbs can't hit it and when they DO hit they do very little damage. I pop my cyno.

The system quickly fills with bad men in big ships. Jim's Nyx dies in about a minute and a half. Being the hero tackler I get a bunch of expensive mods for my trouble and go home a richer man.

Imagine how Jim feels. Oh, the sweet, sweet tears of the Carebear.

2) Shipbuilders just got screwed
o7 -- me again, this time on an industrial alt. I've spent a year in this alliance building my trust in them and theirs in me. Months of effort has gotten me a system with sov 5 and I've put up a well protected large pos. Weeks have passed while my Nyx was just a baby in the CSAA

I finally completed my first Nyx build in my system. This has rolled out and is now in a travel fit, but noone is buying. All my time and effort were wasted by CCP, who just *poof*ed a Nyx for Jim, as detailed above. My tears are not so succulent to my taste :(

Comment Re:The science of better Guinness (Score 1) 205

Originally, perhaps. If you look at a recent bottle (at least the one I have here) it says it was brewed and bottled in Canada. Now days, Guinness = Canadian beer.

This is true for the normal Guinness Stout beer, including Foreign Extra. Guinness Draught is 100% brewed in Ireland though.

Comment Re:worst feature removed yet? (Score 1) 403

The registry is awesome, once you really look at it and what it does. A few examples follow.

The registry is backed up automatically, even outside of scheduled backups. Check %systemdrive%\windows\system32\config\regback. The actual registry files are in config and the backups are in regback. They can be attached to a functional machine, loaded, edited and saved if you really need to dig deep on a repair.

Fsck the registry up in one place and its almost trivial to fix, especially if its under the CurrentControlSet - the Last Known Good boot option rolls back that portion of the registry, which includes service configurations, device information, driver information and a ton of other stuff - stuff that is most likely to make your system unbootable, to the last time the system booted properly (ControlSet002, if you're rooting around in the registry right now - ControlSet001 is the source copy of CurrentControlSet while the system is booted normally, and is copied to ControlSet002 or higher once you've successfully logged in.)

In addition, the registry is loaded into memory at startup. Rather than apps having to parse configuration files off the ms access time hard drive they can access the information in nanoseconds, leaving your disk subsystem free to load up your por^H^H^Hcontent in whichever application you launched.

Hrm. You could just say "st00pid registry" and continue on your way though =)

Comment Re:That is the greatest advantage of Microsoft (Score 1) 403

er... its pretty straightforward

click windows icon, start typing the subject in the search box


pops up several categories - programs, control panel, documents and pictures, each showing a count of that substring somewhere in the properties (name, content) or the metadata (tags for pictures etc) and containing the most likely choices based upon defaults or previous clickage by the user

continue on with


and the results get finer, but are still roughly the same. Move on to

network st

and the results get pretty sharp - I get "view network status and tasks" under the control panel section, amongst others.

That same paradigm works for pretty much everything - its very, very easy to get to apps, documents (even the ones that haven't been recently accessed,) control panel settings etc. Of course you still have to click stuff here and there and there's still a bit of a learning curve (typing network conn will not get you to network connections, but typing network ada will, for instance,) but overall it makes dealing with the computer significantly easier.

Comment Re:Eheh (Score 1, Redundant) 407

How was the parent's post Insightful?? He added nothing to the discussion and whitewashed the whole thing as "not the solution to anything." Seems a rather blunt and ignorant statement.

Why is it not the solution to anything? What makes it inferior to the other options out there? What other options ARE there that perform the same functions?

Insightful != Agree

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