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Comment Re:No it didnt (Score 1) 234

not be capable of doing worse than FFXI again.

At least from a commercial perspective, XI is not bad at all, being still in operation and (partially) developed. Having played it for about 7 years, I would add that it was not that bad despite clearly a very unrewarding set up. In particular, the main scenario (and even more in particular the Chains of Promathia expansion) are well worth the FF name.

Comment Re:the only thing worse (Score 1) 150

at least the hysterical can plead ignorance. what's your excuse asshole?

That physics does not follow hysteria. The situation is serious, but the media are blowing it way out of proportion.

And as someone said, detectable means nothing. The detection systems are so precise they can identify the natural background.

Comment Re:Wonderful - everyone should try this! (Score 5, Informative) 202

Let's start with the fact that if this was a KDE message board, and I was to thoughtfully complain in any way, my message would be quietly deleted

Care to bring specific examples? I'm one of the administrators of the KDE Community Forums, and not once we have deleted a message we disagreed with. In fact all that's asked to users is to respect the Code of Conduct, their opinions can be freely expressed.

Comment Re:No thanks -- oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 230

The people PJ exposes fight dirty.

Perhaps not relevant to the discussion, but I have to point out that when PJ dealt with GPL v3 (many articles on Groklaw when it was being drafted), she did not say anything about her involvement in the process(and so, potential conflict of interest) until *after* the license was approved.

PJ was targeted with a very aggressive smear campaign (O' Gara and co.) that IMO went far beyond the limits of decency, but it doesn't mean she's perfect. That point I mentioned was a major letdown for me.

I like a lot the investigative side of Groklaw, but I like a lot less paranoia-induced articles like this one.

Comment Re:Disaster management (Score 1) 89

The UI update has been already delivered, two weeks ago. The "anedocte" was also found to be completely baseless (an unconfirmed report on IM, without any other external sources).
Oh, and don't expect servers to move: the good thing about FFXI, shared with FFXIV is that the servers were cross region.

Comment Staff is largely the same - only Tanaka was fired (Score 2) 89

Yes, I said "was fired" because this is what is in practice, despite the announcement. The rest is always the same people, with different positions.

Personally, I find this announcement more worrying than the state of the game (which I've been enjoying, despite its flaws). The risk is that the "new" team will try to pull a "NGE-like" thing and scrap what was good and different about XIV to fix the problems the game has.

Comment Re:Don't do it... join forces to Ubuntu. (Score 1) 206

You can easily select "community repositories" from YaST. No need to know addresses and everything. And zypper, the package management tool (command-line), is also quite powerful nowadays. Plus, you have the openSUSE Build Service to make your own packages (and with kde-obs-generator you can make ones without knowing too much about packaging as well), openSUSE and other distros alike.

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