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Comment Re:This would solve... (Score 1) 243

> Humans consume resources. If you're concerned about limited resources,

I don't like this tiny little box you think in. What about colonizing space? What about economic systems of the machine age where people don't have to work to live at a decent standard?

It's because of fear like yours that I don't have my flying car yet.

Comment Re:why I use Haskell (Score 1) 338

The problem with Haskell is that it forces you to solve a problem. You don't write for loop, because that's a solved problem, it's a function called "map". You don't write synchronization logic, because that's a solved problem, it's a function called "atomically".

To write Haskell, you have to get off your ass and solve your own problem. (Or reimplement an existing library, but that's hard to explain to the boss.)

Comment Re:Children (Score 2) 86

Actually, I think they are. The more people know about social engineering (or pretty much any "evil" knowledge, technique or information), the more people will realize when it's happening to them.

Remember the old saying: if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them.

Comment Re:Interesting article. Thanks. (Score 1) 456

For a better deal, say that they can have their required materials sold in electronic format for half the cost, but they're only tied to the registered account of the device?

For an even better deal, put all the material on it, up to and including some college level stuff, for free. Keep them learning when the teacher is boring.

Isn't that what school is supposed to be about?

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