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Comment Re:It's illegal... (Score 2) 159

If we make it a matter of a soldier (cyber or otherwise) going "Well if you want to take that risk, sir" rather than "Fuck you, sir" - it makes it that much easier for the government to be corrupt.

Keep in mind that those people who casually order you to commit crimes, may also casually order other people to commit crimes against you. I would certainly take this into account when dealing out sentences.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 741

Keep in mind that for a long time, Latin (and to some extent, Greek) was the language of information and international communication. If you didn't speak it, you were a nobody.

Kind of like English to a programmer. Imagine where Linux would be if Linus had commented the first tarball in Finnish.

Comment Re:RETARDED (Score 3, Insightful) 236

legally private, as opposed to "secure"

I'm not sure this term has any meaning when applied to information that is instantly, cheaply and undetectably duplicated, especially if this duplication is the whole fucking point. How many servers did that mail pass through while it got to the recipient?

What we really need is to define encryption as a basic human right.

Comment Re:I really like Woz but.. (Score 1) 207

Alright, here's an idea:

1. Find those rare teachers who can teach in a manner interesting enough to hold everyone's attention
2. Record their lessons
3. Play those everywhere else.

Alternatively, sit the kids down in front of a computer with *only* Wikipedia, and tell them to write a report on any topic they want.

We're living in the age of supercomputers and Internet for god's sake, waaaaay beyond what science fiction writers thought possible even 30 years ago. Why not learn how to use it?

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