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Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost... (Score 1) 330

I have similar issues with my mother and my daughter.

Can't get Mom to use Skype because it's some program that didn't actually come with her PC and it's therefore Unknown and therefore Too Scary.

Can't get the kid off Skype because none of her school friends have ever heard of Viber or Jitsi, and therefore they're Unknown and therefore Not Fully Sick.

(Dad is even worse: He just says, "This would all work out a lot better if everybody would just switch to AppleTalk." *facepalm*)

Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost... (Score 2) 330

That is, he lives with the wife in Sweden, the parents live in the US, the kid lives in NSW... heh.

BTW, an interesting fact about wives which I'd forgot in between marriages: They ring their mothers and talk to them for at least 2 hours every weekend. Do you have any bloody idea what a 2-hour POTS call from Stockholm to Guangzhou costs? If it weren't for Skype, I'd be living in a cardboard box. :D

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