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Comment Re:Hold the phone (Score 1) 11

I call bullshit. I have plenty of visa stamps from Malaysia, Singapore, and China, and a Swedish resident permit (These United States are good enough for a passport but not good enough to actually live in any more, eh?). And I tend to carry a lot of personal electronics. Yet, while the TSA idiots tend to be, well, idiots, I've never been singled out for special attention.

Comment Re:What are the current options? (Score 1) 114

Regardless of whose hands it's in, VirtualBox is free software, excluding a small extension pack which is not included by default. Unlike other proprietary products, like VMware, you have the freedom to fork it if you don't like the direction development is going or don't like the vendor. And if you're worried about security, you can always audit the software.

Not only that, but it works quite well, at least for me and my use cases, and has for years. I will definitely be checking out the new release.

Comment Re: False premise. (Score 2) 178

Rand's works are not philosophy so much as they're extremist pseudo-intellectual quasi-anti-Bolshevik shit-fits.

She basically tried to do with political philosophy what Aleister Crowley tried to do with religion.

It also bears noting that Rand died poor and virtually friendless after screwing over most of her own inner circle in one way or another over the previous couple of decades.

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