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Comment Re:Tied sale, supposedly illegal in the U.S. (Score 1) 561

You mischaracterise that case, which had nothing to do with tied sales. The court determined that that First Sale rights do not apply to a good which is licensed rather than sold (after Psystar tried to claim it was just reselling OS X). It also didn't appear to me that Groklaw were "cheerleading" in the way you suggest, although they did point out that this decision applies just as much to software licensed under GPL (which means that someone receiving GPL software can't use First Sale as an excuse to redistribute it under different terms to another party).

Comment Re:Solution (Score 2, Informative) 561

Why aren't there a bunch of people trying to put Linux on iPads? I don't see any Slashdot articles about that...

No need to try, it's been done. Use the Google.

I don't see Linux hackers putting tons of energy into trying to get Linux to run (natively) on all the Apple hardware out there, despite how well it sells.

Again, no need for this, since it's been done. I know heaps of people running Linux on Mac hardware (but don't take my word for it, use the Google).

So basically you're trying to stir up excitement over a non-issue. Or trolling.

Comment Re:Fuck You Woman Worshiper. Marry Little Girls. (Score 2) 275

As a free man, I derive enormous satisfaction from living with a free woman who stays with me because she chooses to do so.

By labelling a woman as "property" rather than "partner", you condemn yourself to never knowing such satisfaction. I wish I could say, "Your loss, asshole"--except it's your women who do the suffering.

Comment Re:We, the FSF, like Secure Boot (Score 1) 355

Seldom have I seen such a thorough confusion of "licensing" and "distribution".

Microsoft, Apple, and Vladimir Putin are all perfectly free to (re)distribute GPL'ed software, as long as they comply with the licensing terms.

What they (or any one else) may not do is change the licensing terms without permissions of (all) the copyright holders.

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