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Comment Re:I read the link (Score 1) 28

The Cold War happened.

The U.S. still hasn't figured out what will follow the disintegration of its dancing partner some twenty years back.

In the bigger historical picture, the impedance mismatch between the Constitution and hegemony is increasingly obvious.

Spot on, spot on, and spot on.

Obama has promised fundamental transformation, but hasn't sold the whole European welfare state idea very well.

He's not even trying. ObamaCare is a sellout to the Insurance-Industrial Complex, people still have no right to paid vacations or paid parental leave (nor are these even on the table), workers' collective bargaining rights remain sold down the river, and the country is still full of nutjobs with guns. Meanwhile, the US continues to throw its "We're on a mission from God" weight around the planet while, at home, the 1% continue to grow their slice of the pie.

Comment Re:I read the link (Score 1) 28

Putin makes a few omissions--e.g. he doesn't mention the weapons supplied to the Syrian government by foreign powers (such as Russia). But the analysis he offers is much more realistic than the black-and-white version being offered by Washington.

If he's serving anybody their own dog food, it's the proponents of American exceptionalism, particularly as expressed by the notion that the US is somewhat qualified or entitled to act as unilateral world policeman.

Comment Re:The author is either a shill or a pawn of Googl (Score 1) 332

And the upstream bits that originate with an application arbitrarily called a "server" are somehow magickally different from the upstream bits that originate from an application arbitrarily called a "client". That's it!

Except that they aren't.

The only proper, civil response to such blatant and utterly transparent intellectual dishonesty as yours is, "Go die in a fire."

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