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Comment Re:Motorola used to have rules against that, IIRC (Score 1) 190

You fly into a Malaysian airport with dope--that's trafficking. Better hope you can bribe the hangman well enough that he actually makes the rope long enough to break your neck.

But don't take my word for it--try it yourself with a small amount and let us know how that works out for you.

Comment Re:Help, I'm being harrassed on an app on my phone (Score 1) 167

The rumours weren't transmitted more or less instantly all over town, and it had to be done by voice (face-to-face), written note, or landline telephone, all three of which communication methods were much more likely to be overheard or intercepted by parents/teachers.

Comment Re:Cramming a data plan onto a voice SIM (Score 1) 205

I guess it's because I left the States before mobiles really took off, but it wasn't until a trip back a couple of years ago that I started to understand the situation--the telcos have done a very good job of enforcing an integrated-vertical/everything-as-a-service model there.

But that's not how it works here (Stockholm). I do happen to have a subscription, basically because it's more convenient and I get a free phone every 2 years for signing up again. But it is entirely possible for you to get a late-model phone made by any of the major manufacturers and working service without talking to anyone at a telco. You can walk into just about any big electronics retailer like MediaMarkt or ElGiganten (or even some of the smaller outfits like TeknikMagasinet or Kjell&Co), buy whatever phone you like, then stop off at the Pressbyrån or 7-11 next to the T-bana station on your way home from the shop and buy a prepaid SIM for it. And I've friends who do just that.

Comment Re:Voice out of the house (Score 1) 205

You'll find it on buses and trains in a lot of European cities.

But not in Stockholm, which I think is a bit odd.

OTOH, cheap plans with ample mobile data are readily available here, and even if you can't always get 3G the bandwidth is still pretty good, even in the subway--they apparently have repeaters installed in the tunnels.

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