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Comment Re:Paid = biased (Score 1) 135

Wikis are generally where information goes to die, yes.

Nonetheless, Wikipedia does not do badly in some respects.

I don't spend much work time there (except to look stuff up)--haven't made any edits there in a couple of months, but would probably want to do some updates when our next major release comes out later this year.

As for whether I'm any good or not--that's debatable, but I was lucky enough to land on a team with one of the best reputations in the business, and I like to think I know which side the bread's buttered on, so I stick with it.

Comment Re:Paid = biased (Score 1) 135

Since, as part of my job (which includes very flexible hours/locations), I'm encouraged to blog, take part in mailing list/forum discussions, and suchlike, it could be argued that they're paying me for my Wikipedia edits about their product as well.

Dunno why I'm trying to play Devil's Advocate here, but there ya go.

OTOH, I am pretty sure that the folks in Legal would say that I'm definitely not being paid to do marketing or to post inaccurate information.

I guess I could add a disclaimer "I work for SomeMultinational but any material I post here about SomeSoftware reflects my own understanding and views and not necessarily those of my employer" to my user page... or something. <grin/>

Comment Re:Turn off, tune out. (Score 4, Insightful) 127

About a year ago, keeping up with FB started to seem like a bit of a job, ain't nobody paying me to do it, and it has seldom if ever proved all that helpful or useful in ways that couldn't be accomplished via other, less intrusive, less annoying ways.

Those "You have 532 messages" messages keep piling up in my Some Rainy Day... mail folder, and I keep finding other things to do than to log in to read them.

Comment Re:Paid = biased (Score 1) 135

I write technical documentation for a specialised and fairly complex software product. There are not many people who are qualified to do so.

Assuming that I stick to the facts, provide citations, and don't attempt to hide the fact of my employment with the producer of this software from anyone, is there some other potential reason why I shouldn't contribute to Wikipedia articles about this product?

Comment Re:Lipstick on a Pig (Score 1) 135

Pulling up in the comfort and safety of my own home was heaps easier and cheaper than going to a bar where I'd be any chance at all to get useful info regarding that topic, especially when you figure in the airfare to Beijing and back.

BTW, you're aware that "lookout" is a noun, and "look out" is a verb, and that they're even pronounced differently, right?

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