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Comment Re:If you're poor (Score 1) 459

Addiction is definitely by choice. They may not be able to choose to get out of addiction, but they choosed to become addicts in the first place. Nobody believes that drugs - or even alcohol - is totally harmless. Inexperienced people experimenting with drugs buy from long-time addicts, knowing that those guys can get dope. They see what the addicts they're buying from look like, and still they try.

Um, what? I've been there, and you obviously haven't.

It's more like... they see that their dealer has lots of cash, a fancy car and other bling-bling... rubs elbows with all kinds of important-looking people... and doesn't seem to have any trouble getting laid. What they -don't- see much of are the addicts who can't afford the habit, or who can't maintain.

-Using- is a choice. -Addiction- is not.

Comment Re:Birthday late in the school year (Score 1) 459

I -went- to college before I turned 18, and I neither started school early nor skipped any grades.

(I was one of the 2 youngest in my high school graduating class--if I'd been born 6 days later, I'd likely have been the oldest in the graduating class following mine, excepting any kids who might have been held back and forced to repeat a year.)

Comment Re: They shouldn't be using IPad or TI (Score 1) 340

Plus [iPad] has a bigger screen that's much more suitable for textbooks.

I wanted to test this claim for myself, so I just measured the screen of my fiancée's iPad 2 and that of my Samsung Tab 10.2 with a tape measure.



So--if you're talking about screen area--no, it's not.

If I misunderstood what you were comparing, my apologies. But in any case my curiosity is now satisfied.

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