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Comment Re:Tworking? (Score 1) 131

Not with regard to the vowel sound represented by the o in each of those words, even in those dialects in which the following r is turned into an approximant. In all cases, the vowel in "work" is fronted (as well as made rhotic, if you're going by the NBC Handbook of Pronunciation), while that in the other two is not.


Indian Government To Ban Use of US Email Services For Official Communications 219

hypnosec writes "The Government of India is planning to ban the use of U.S.-based email services like Gmail for official communications. It will soon send out a formal notification to it half-million officials across the country, asking them to use official email addresses and services provided by India's National Informatics Center. The move is intended to increase the security of confidential government data and protect it from overseas surveillance."

Comment Re:Discouraging underage use? (Score 1) 526

Logic fail. Let me spell it out for you:

1. Drug charges != drug use: Drug charges are for possession, sale, or distribution. Whether you actually used the stuff yourself is of no consequence.

2. Lack of drug charges != lack of drug use: You don't get charged for not getting caught.

Comment Re:Spaced Out! (Score 1) 526

I mean really, the whole reason weed was against the law in the first place was to protect our law enforcement officials from the truly dangerous criminals.

Um, no. The whole reason weed was made illegal was to keep our innocent White girls from being seduced by those unscrupulous Negroes.

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