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Comment Re:Just imagine (Score 1) 845

Um, no.

If they fail to deliver, or if the food does not meet my reasonable expectations (and, no, I am not especially fussy), then they've not met their end of the bargain, and I'm not paying. No act of ordering obliges me to pay for something I never receive.

If I have to leave in a hurry, or I change my mind, such that they do not have a reasonable opportunity to fulfil their end of the contract, of course that's my fault and not theirs, and naturally I would offer to pay. But that's not what I was talking about, just as I was not talking about numerous other things that I did not mention above.

Comment Re:Surprising number of Verge comments anti-tech (Score 2) 845

My right to use Google Glass (if I had such,) or a mobile phone, or a GoPro camera, or whatever may come is not an infringement of your right to be free of recording (for you have none outside your home,)...

Fine. Next time your wife wears a short skirt for your walk in the park and she happens to be a bit uphill from me, I'll be sure to start the live feed. On and visible from a public space, right to photograph, no right not to be photographed, yep yep yep. Looks like I'm covered.

(Of course, if *I* caught somebody trying to upskirt-video *my* wife, I'd feed him his camera--sideways--any law to the contrary be damned. But, then, I'm obviously not the paragon of tolerance that you are, I'm guessing...)

Nick was entitled to an respond in anger when he was confronted after being allowed in the restaurant, without a clue that he'd be embarrassed and rejected for something that few could reasonably anticipate.

Because no reasonable person objects to being filmed (without any prior warning, even) by strangers while dining with family or friends in a private establishment--of course!

Respect for the customer begins at the front door.

I was taught that respect for other members of the public begins when you walk out your own front door.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 845

Feel free to promote transparency in public space; I'm all for it.

But the restaurant I plan to open (to have something to do if and when I ever retire) will be a private space that does not permit recording of patrons without their express permission. Patrons of my establishment will remove Google Glass and similar always-deployed/always-on devices upon entry, or they will patronise someone else's establishment. End of story.

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