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Comment Re:Happy Saturday/Sunday from The Golden Girls! (Score 1) 51

I'm a native Southerner. My parents corrected me on the usage when I was a kid, pointing out that only ignorant Yankees and especially ignorant Yankee television writers use "y'all" for the singular.

And since I've already been modded Off-Topic, let me get back on topic by stating that I think the Golden Girls Cosmonaut Guy is probably nicer than the GNAA guy, and definitely gets more First Posts!

Comment Re:Uhh (Score 1) 332

The warrant problem can be solved by forcing law enforcement to deliver all warrants in the clear. My company exists purely in cyberspace. There is nobody in authority who can be contacted in person. All requests for assistance must be submitted in clear text, deposited in a publicly readable drop box on our server.

You be trippin', mon.

(If they can't serve a warrant, they'll get a court order served on your provider to cut you off from the Net. Good luck hiding that upstream.)

Comment Re:Happy Saturday/Sunday from The Golden Girls! (Score 0) 51

You are aware of the fact that "y'all" is plural, right?

Easy way to spot a ringer from the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon--no respectable Southerner would be caught dead using it to mean only one person. :)

Another tip: In Kentucky, "you'uns" is actually much more common than "y'all".

Comment Re:Next, fix the desktop (Score 1) 190

And Window Maker for units with older/minimal graphics hardware.

BTW, as someone who bitched incessantly about the train wreck that was the initial release of KDE4, I must say the devs turned it around very nicely. I would now happily recommend it to anyone who wants released from the fetters of the Gnome desktop or wishes to avoid further interaction with the new and improved train wreck that Unity is shaping up to be.

Personally, if I even used Ubuntu and I'd not done so already, I'd be been running away from it just as fast I could go.

Comment Re:Next, fix the desktop (Score 1) 190

I would say "Get off that 'buntu junk and onto any real Linux distro"... but then I'd get modded Troll.

Honestly, it seems like every time there's a Linux story on /. these days, half the posts are complaints specific to Ubuntu.

If you don't want to fight your system/desktop, use a different one. I suggest CentOS with Window Maker DE for you guys. (I use OpenSUSE/KDE4 myself, just so you know.)

You use Linux because Linux means you've the freedom to choose, right?


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