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Comment Re:Zontar The Mindless = "eat your words" (Score 1) 784

"You barge into discussions with your off-topic hosts file nonsense" - by Zontar The Mindless (9002) on Friday April 11, 2014 @09:51PM (#46731153) FROM ->

Show us a post where I put up material on hosts where it doesn't apply.

Why should anyone bother, when you keep doing such a wonderful job of proving it yourself, just like you do here?

Oh! I almost forgot---How did you like the postcard?

Comment Re:Chicken Little (Score 1) 784

Capping family sizes is antithetical to western notions of freedom.

And yet families in Western countries are dramatically smaller than than they were a century ago--which some would see as the result of acquiring reproductive freedom, including the freedom *not* to have more kids than you want to or think you can afford, etc.

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