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Comment Re:The bigger story (Score 1) 145

"His problems were a mere subset of mine. Being a well-adjusted member of society, had this person crossed my path online or in real life, I would have done what I could to help him through his problems. Posting images of affluence and outbursts of violence do not suggest being a good provider. It's demonstrating the ability help and support and offer care to other people. We live in strange times now, with technology and dramatic social change working against both gender's natural genetic scripts."

Damn, wish I had mod points right now. Well. Fucking. Said.

Comment Re:Zontar The Mindless = "eat your words" (Score 1) 784

"You barge into discussions with your off-topic hosts file nonsense" - by Zontar The Mindless (9002) on Friday April 11, 2014 @09:51PM (#46731153) FROM ->

Show us a post where I put up material on hosts where it doesn't apply.

Why should anyone bother, when you keep doing such a wonderful job of proving it yourself, just like you do here?

Oh! I almost forgot---How did you like the postcard?

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