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Comment Re:I'd quit (Score 1) 181

You seem to have succumbed to the reverse propaganda if you think that gold and diamonds are inherently more scarce and hence inherently more secure as a currency than bitcoin. The fact is that bitcoin are actually a lot harder to mine....

So would be purple unicorns, but I'm not hearing many suggestions that we adopt them as a medium of exchange.

Comment Re:So do something about it. (Score 2) 224

Cancel your account.

Oh, that would be an inconvenience to you? God forbid you should have to go without Facebook and Twitter for a while, and actually start living life the way it was meant to be lived. God forbid you should actually have to pick up the phone and CALL SOMEONE rather then leaving a message on somebodies virtual wall.

Americans just don't fucking get it...

Offering to make my house payment, are we?

ProTip: This is Slashdot, not Facebook. Many of us not only work from home, we're also employed doing something other than stuffing envelopes.

Comment Me too (Score 1) 8

Intermittent. Been looking for a pattern but can detect none thus far. FF on Linux/Android.

Can't seem to bypass the Mobile View thing, either, when using my tablet. I always have to use the FF "Request Desktop Site" thingo, which is bloody annoying as the only difference between the old and new mobile versions is that they suck in slightly different ways, and one of the reasons I bought the fucking tablet in the first place was to have a portable with a big enough screen that I could surf at normal res blah blah blah hmpf mmpf rrrmpff!

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