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Comment Re:USA fear. Please take this as not being nasty.. (Score 1) 926

American ex-pat here, quite happy that his daughter is growing up in Oz rather than the US, on account of most of the factors you've named or alluded to.

She was born by Caesarian, BTW. Would've bankrupted us in the US, as my publisher had just gone under, leaving me with about $75K in unpaid invoices/contracts... and no health insurance. Good times.

Comment Re:All your accounts are belong to us. (Score 1) 251

...fill their page with dildos and friend only Google executives....

Wish I could get away with doing something like this at work. Some HR genius has commissioned a Corporate Social Network, and while they apparently can't order you to join up, they seem to have licence to nag you about it ad infinitum.

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