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Comment how many men won't have a choice? (Score 1) 137

And that will be the end... when we stay home because we prefer a machine. We'll give up on loving our own kind not because it is superior, but just because it is less "work".

How many men in the world will *need* a robot girlfriend, given the skewing of the male/female birth ratios towards boys. Too many men, not enough women...that doesn't bode well for social stability. Perhaps some sex bots can fill the to speak.

Comment Re:NL has this on standard text messages (Score 1) 374

I meant SMS as in, the end user will see it as simply an SMS. The implementation on the network level of course will be a fair bit different I'm sure.

Even if they did sign up they might be hundreds of miles away where the alert is not relevant.

That isn't necessarily true, as you may have family/friends/property etc in that region as well, all things that alerts could be relevant for as well...

Comment Re:NL has this on standard text messages (Score 4, Informative) 374

Long story short - why do they want a separate chip, exactly?

Nowhere on the site linked in the story does it say anything about phones requiring any sort of chip. Basically the important part of the system is the secure interface between government and the wireless providers. In short this is more like the EAS system, but for mobile phones. Chances are most network carriers *will* implement this over SMS.

Comment Re:AGAIN, Sony? (Score 1) 491

The German citizens said the same about the Nazis prior to 1941

The CEO of SONY in my eyes is no better than Honsi Mubarak right now.

Really? You equate Sony messing with people's PS3s with the evils of the Third Reich or the oppression of the Egyptian people? Nobody has died at the hands of a Sony updated PS3. Sure this is a dick move, but there is something to be said for PERSPECTIVE.

Comment Re:Think Different! (Score 1) 696

Replace Linux with Windows and "Open a term, we need to edit a conf file" with "Open the registry editor we need to fix some registry keys" and watch her run away then as well. People who are scared of computers are scared of them regardless of which operating system is on them. Computers and the operating systems they run are complex beasts and not everyone is going to understand everything about them. When things break on computers for non-computer experts, typically they will go and seek out someone who is. Mind you it sure easier to find someone who deals with Windows instead of Linux, but that is another issue entirely.

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