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Comment PCI in California (Score 2) 461

Interesting, if upheld, this could push the PCI DSS Council to add Zip to the list of non public information that must be encrypted.

And that would effectively mandates QSA's find every gas station in California in violation of the next wave of PCI DSS criteria.

The expense of coding testing, QA'ing, promoting encryption on Zip (at rest and in transmission) could be high as compared the moderate to minor risk that companies are stalking their customers using Gas Station data.

Submission + - Advise for rmissionary medical aviator safety (findingbobnorton.org)

WarmNoodles writes: Gone missing on February 16, 2009 Bob Norton and his wife Neiba were serving as medical aviation missionaries in the jungles of Venezuela. On this particular morning Bob and Neiba had a full plane load. A school teacher, Gladys, along with four Indigenous Indians and full tanks of gas. To say that he was loaded heavy would be correct. Over capacity on people in a four seat Cessna 182? Yes. Over capacity on weight? Possibly. Typical flight for a jungle pilot? Absolutely!

Flash forward to today;
Gary Lewis who flies for AMA — Guayana (and a very good friend of Bob Norton) has just purchased a new plane to use for his missionary medical aviation work there in Guayana. Let's put our heads together and give him our best advice on equipment to make this plane as safe as possible (i.e. 406 ELT w/GPS, PLB, emergency equipment, tools to carry, survival gear, etc.). We would also like to begin putting together a aviation safety plan with guidelines, procedures and policies intended to keep him safe as a bush pilot (i.e. acceptable flight conditions, flight limitations, emergency procedures, flight plan recommendations, documentation, communications recording, etc). This may take some time, but if we can get the ideas flowing in, we can compile and begin sending him drafts of the plan for his input and responses. We would like for him to be set up as an example to the other AMA sites (Bolivia, Philippines, South Africa) so that perhaps the entire organization can become a safer operation. Please post you thoughts and suggestions.


Submission + - Kinect Revolutionizing Robotics (hizook.com)

HizookRobotics writes: The Bilibot Project, an open-source robot platform based on Microsoft's Kinect, was just announced today by MIT researcher Garratt Gallagher on Hizook.com. Bilibot is just the first in what will likely be a torrent of robots (both hobbyist and professional) utilizing the Kinect. This sentiment was echoed in an essay by Fred Nikgohar, CEO of RoboDynamics, who believes we've reached a watershed moment in robotics enabled by cheap 3D sensing. While much of the attention for the Kinect has focused on video gaming, perhaps robotics will be its greatest beneficiary.

Submission + - Openleaks Founder Sabotaged Wikileaks (huffingtonpost.com)

SETIGuy writes: Former Wikileaks programmer Daniel Domscheit-Berg admits in his book that he sabotaged Wikileaks in a manner that threatens the anonymity of leakers. Since leaving Wikileaks, Domschiet-Berg has become one of the cofounders of Openleaks. This raises the question, if you had material to leak, would you trust it to someone who has already jeopardized the anonymity of leakers at a site where he worked?

Submission + - Google brings Design-By-Contract to Java (techworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: Google is developing a set of extensions for Java that should aid in better securing Java programs against buffer overflow attacks. Google has announced that it open sourced a project that its engineers were working on to add a new functionality into Java called Contracts, or Design-By-Contract (DBC).

Submission + - Microsoft Research Focusing on Dev Tech? (redmondmag.com)

msmoriarty writes: Long-time Microsoft watcher Mary-Jo Foley recently highlighed several upcoming Microsoft Research technologies she thinks could have the biggest impact. Of those, three are directly related to development: Xax, a browser plug-in that gives developers "a mechanism for delivering native legacy code as Web applications"; Orleans, a programming model for cloud computing from the company's eXtreme Computing Group; and Codebook, a social networking site for developers. There's no way to know if any of these will ever be released, although there are indications Microsoft Research is taking a more practical approach nowadays: "I've found most recent MSR projects to be anything but research for research's sake," Foley wrote.

Submission + - Factory Will Churn Out Modular Data Centers (datacenterknowledge.com)

1sockchuck writes: The data center industry continues to move towards an industrial production model. i/o Data Centers has opened a new factory in Phoenix to manufacture modular data centers. The company says it expects to build up to 18 megawatts of data center capacity every month. The server-filled containers can be deployed at a customer site or in one of i/o's huge data centers. HP and Dell have also built specialized facilities for container assembly and deployment.

Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever not edited for Australia (gamepron.com)

dotarray writes: In case you still somehow didn’t believe yesterday’s news that Duke Nukem Forever had been given an MA15+ rating in Australia – effectively evading the notoriously strict censors, GamePron now has confirmation that the Duke has not been edited in any way for an Australian release.


Comment Re:Proud moment for the US Constitution (Score 1) 316

Clearly your unqualified to comment on something you no nothing about.

In the US, its the constitution Axioms which protect citizens from abusive 3rd world dictatorial abusers like the moronic employer who thought they could just suspend this ladies freedom of speech as if they were a government power. It also is the sounding board state and federal bureaucrats and the average every day citizens use in principle to prevent abuses.

It was the government which reminded the petty point haired bosses they have no standing, and you think they did it for her to be generous?

Comment Proud moment for the US Constitution (Score 0) 316

My opinion is;
It should have been obvious to the pointy haired bosses they would loose the case when their lawyers explained the territory in which they found themselves was not a 3rd world country. Pointy haired bosses everywhere should know if your going to be a petty dictator, find a 3rd world country to be it in.

Hooyaaa out to the founders of the US Constitution!
This is where the foundation of US freedom shines brightest.

Guess what she wrote they did not want to refute and it must not have been malicious or surely a competent lawyer would have advised them to they would have advised to bring slander libel suit before loosing the war of public opinion.

Talk about profound and poor legal decisions on the part of the pointy haired boss & lawyers.

Submission + - Verizon's dataplan bait-and-switch (wired.com)

An anonymous reader writes: It’s a bit of a bait-and-switch. One of Verizon’s selling points for its version of the iPhone is that it would come with an unlimited data plan — a marked contrast to AT&T, which eliminated its unlimited data plans last year.

Verizon didn’t send out press releases to alert the public of this nationwide change regarding data throttling and so-called “optimization.” The only reason this news hit the wire was because a blogger noticed a PDF explaining the policy on Verizon’s website, which Verizon later confirmed was official. Obviously it’s bad news, so Verizon wanted to keep a lid on it.


Submission + - An iOS Hearing Aid, or Superman's Ears? (tidbits.com)

adamengst writes: In this article over at TidBITS, Jeff Porten relates how he discovered that a $2 app could turn his iPhone and earphones into a poor man's hearing aid. But switching to his iPod's mic-less earbuds turned the iPhone into a surprisingly effective eavesdropping device.

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