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Comment Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 921

Actually, the makers of fancy pens have been reporting increasing sales over the past several decades. The number of people who are studying and practicing good writing may not be increasing as fast as the population, but the number is increasing. So there's a good chance that there will still be experts in all sorts of handwriting in another 70 or 80 or 100 years.

We still have professional brickmakers, binders, printers, farriers, coopers, and all kinds of now-deceased tradesmen. Calligraphic writing will pass into the annals of expert historical custodianship.

So long as there are historians nothing shall be lost in its entirety. The dainty days of Vermeer painting a woman authoring a letter as artistic in language as it is in script may be over, but the painting, the letter, and the knowledge of how it was done don't pass.

Good God man, don't you think you'll be able to find calligraphy lessons on YouTube soon enough?

Comment Re:Um.... (Score 1) 948

Think about it: if Apple ported OS X to run on the NT Kernel, would it still be OS X or would it magically turn into Windows?

No, I'm pretty sure the universe would spontaneously combust destroying all life as we know it. Either that or it would be treated by the compiler as one great big syntax error.

Comment Re:This is one place local governments have failed (Score 1) 443

Dragging the fiber can't be that expensive

Yes, it can be that expensive. This is why we need a strong WISP (wireless ISP) industry to fight back against the Qwests, Comcasts, Verizons, and AT&Ts of this country - to use a medium that is mile for mile cheaper and overall speedy enough for 97% or more of Internet users to start shaking the boat, to start getting the monopolies in the ivory oligopolis to take notice and to stop fucking us over every step of the way.

What's wrong here in the US is a strong public distrust of having the government do anything, because the government may screw you over. So instead people prefer to give important tasks to businesses, who will screw you over.

There's a distinction. The FEDERAL government in the US can be depended on to do the absolute WORST thing possible. Local governments (cities and counties) can be generally depended upon to do things that are sane. STATE governments are like the Feds - they just think "oh I'm just one level below the feds, I can fuck up all I want too!"

Just think - on the whole, who are YOU more happy with? Your City, State, or your Country?

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