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Comment What about all the other little kids? (Score 1) 261

What about all the other little boys and girls that never got sued this Christmas?

EVE Online
Second Life
Hellgate: London

Furthermore, I feel somewhat constrained to point out that they're suing over the "scalable virtual world" patent. World of Warcraft is anything but scalable! There are so many shards - more than 1,500 in North America alone by last count - that it's not as much scalable as it is "add another server Bob, they're lagging again and we need to put the newcomers on another shard!"

Of course, two sufficiently incompetent lawyers could conceivably argue their way into inventing the Internet from this starting topic, but you get my point.

Comment Re:This is all FUD (Score 1) 376

I have given MS Visual Studio a good college try on many different occasions. I can say with deadly been-there-tried-that conviction that Visual Studio is the most stable, featureless text editor out there.

Perhaps I didn't find the hidden "Microsoft has already raped me, there's no point in making me suffer any further" checkbox in the preferences pane, but it didn't do half of what Eclipse or Netbeans C++ can do. I also found its basic code editing facilities lacking.

It's better than DGJPP and makefiles, but I can't really imagine anything more that it can do better.

I am excited about their surface technology. I believe it'll be buggy and totally unusable, but it'll cause other people to take notice and make things that do it better. I can't wait for the simple, intuitive computer interfaces we see in movies like Quantum of Solace. I've always thought that Apple would be the one to deliver that, but hell, I don't give a damn who does it so long as it happens!

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