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Comment Re:Firewire (Score 4, Informative) 327

Wow, how many points wrong can you get...

Actually I give up, you have so much wrong about firewire that it's pointless to correct you point for point...

The reason Firewire is more expensive is that it's a system that requires some processing on both sides, any device that plugs into firewire has to have sufficient smarts to know what it needs in order to operate, USB on the other hand is a dumb protocol, all the processing is handled on the Host (PC) side, and all the devices plugged into it need very little smarts, this directly effects chip/design costs of peripherals. Firewire was actually designed with the concept that a scanner with a firewire port and a printer with a firewire port could be connected together and pictures printed without using computer resources.

USB also has the limitation of regimented and inflexible bandwidth (at least as of USBv2, v3 might change that). Which means while USB 2 may have 480mb of 'bandwidth' only a small chunk of that is usable by any one device, Firewire however is flexible, not only can it portion the bandwidth to the devices need but it can also use "Isochronous" (regular dedicated) bandwidth, allowing high-priority/bandwidth systems to transfer information, such as video/audio streams and critical systems (some internal aircraft systems use 1394 bus).

You want lots of high-speed external storage access, check some benchmarks, firewire will beat out USB for real-world performance, even though they are fairly matched just reading spec numbers.

Firewire is both faster and better than USB, however it's more expensive in both hardware and design/implementation, which is why USB has won that fight, the majority of people are all about cheep, not better.

Comment stability? (Score 1) 162

Maybe it took so long to get through because the Apple people kept having it crash on them.

I experienced my first crash using the Google+ app for 2 min... I mean... I know Google is the "Beta" Company but come on now! Between the few friends I have on Google+ with iPhones, and myself, I think we've racked up maybe 10 to 15 crashes on the first afternoon of use. We've also experienced issues with it properly updating comments and such.

Hopefully they will get crackin and improve the stability quickly.

Comment Re:Lack of polish (Score 1) 208

Hard linking of files yes, but hard linking of directories no.

This is important for Time Machine space saving because instead a directory full of hard links to files it's one hard link to the directory. Each link takes a bit of space, dropping several thousand of them saves a lot of space on the backup drive without losing any information.

Comment Re:Are we assuming (Score 1) 492

My personal take on "Geek" is that it is an in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for a particular subject, whether that subject be computers, books, engines, figures, trading cards, manga, or history is merely flavors or subcategories, those first two items pretty much make up the entrance exam for being a geek.

Comment Re:Its good to know an Atheist (Score 2) 673

The specifics aren't really spelled out, the general understanding is that we will ascend to meet Jesus 'in the clouds', so ducking airliners here and there... From there we go to be with Him in heaven.

The exact location of heaven isn't spelled out. My personal theory is that it is actually outside the universe, outside of space-time (one easy way to get a human body to live forever). However that is mostly personal speculation, I'm sure there are theologists who would better answer your question.

And yes, I am a Christian, I do believe the rapture will happen, I expect to mow the lawn and do some other chores over the weekend, and going to work Monday.

Comment Re:Vital Stats (Score 1) 393

I got the same numbers 1.96, running Firefox 4 on a 1.97gz Core2 Duo

Anecdotal, but that may be a similar issue to the 20.21... everyone reports the same number... when I get more time I'll try it on a few other hardware platforms to see if the number changes.

Comment Re:The "I Told You So" Thread? (Score 1) 664

You know, I was about to refute your claims but then I actually looked up the temperatures involved... turns out an out-of-control reaction will get up to around 2700c (5000f), and the melting point of concrete is only around 1000c (1800f) making melting through the bottom of the containment vessel a possibility...

Right now they have it cooled in water, preventing it from getting to those temperatures, so as long as they keep it cool and under water we're ok... ish... yah...

Comment Re:VOIP? Router? (Score 2) 214

True, but a cheep router is handy for it because you can use it then toss it in the dump. There are many out there that are relatively cheep and can be modded with custom firmware.

Set a router up with the right firmware, configuration, and connections and I can easily see a VoIP engineer using it for that general purpose, then tossing it in a dumpster never to be seen again.

Comment Phone is tracking, Apple is not. (Score 5, Informative) 591

Though it is a very fine distinction, Apple isn't receiving any of this information, it's simply being stored.

From the Article

Is Apple storing this information elsewhere?

There’s no evidence that it’s being transmitted beyond your device and any machines you sync it with.

As bad as some may play it, without Apple receiving this information it's simply information that is stored, not "Big Brother"/Apple monitoring your every move.

Comment Re:Cool? (Score 0) 129

At this point I don't think that NASA is in any way able to push forward in space exploration. Though we are in for some 'dry' years in space I really think that this will be the best move, get NASA out of the way and allow private corporations to get into the mix.

If you really want something interesting on this topic, look at Burt Rutan's talk on TED. He makes some very excellent points on the pace of space exploration and technology and why NASA just isn't helping the situation.

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