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Comment Re:Will fail like Nexus Q (Score 1) 392

Thank God for capitalism.

I don't think Google is going to take over the world with this thing, but there are a whole slew of people with highly disposable income, you know, nerds that get paid well for being nerdy. This is the kind of device that nerds will drool over, I am. That's the beauty of capitalism, you can pretty much sell anything at any price and there will always be a market for it, even if you don't get it.

Nexus Q was completely misguided however. It wasn't a Google TV product yet could connect to a TV and it was described as some vague social networking platform for music or video. Google didn't even know what the hell it was so they couldn't market it properly and were completely out to lunch with the price and design of the thing. But Google knows exactly who they are targeting with the Pixel.

Comment Re:Chromebook = cheap? (Score 1) 392

Nope, that was never the intent of the Chromebook or Chrome OS. Google wants to create an OS for the masses, meaning that while the OS could be used for cheaper devices, its also just as obvious they want to target high-end devices with this. The only reason the first few Chromebooks were cheap was to get developer support behind them.

I think its a smart move as it will blow away the misguided assumption that Chrome OS was intended as a cheap alternative to other platforms. Chrome wasn't trying to create a OLPC kind of platform.

Also there is nothing to suggest that this will be the ONLY Chromebook sold by Google or others, so there is no reason why Google can't offer a state-of-the-art device to showcase all that Chrome OS can do while still offering cheaper devices.

Comment Re:Don't figth it, be nice and live with it. (Score 1) 884

I wonder if the sentiment would be the same if someone was hacking your wife. I mean, why get married just to hope she won't cheat on you. Maybe the neighborhood should all just enjoy your wife as well. Its just a trite moral rule that married people shouldn't cheat on each other, you have nothing to lose.

Comment Lame (Score 4, Insightful) 221

Look, I don't care if you plant a flag or a beacon on some asteroid, if I can actually build a spaceship that can go and grab it and mine it before you do, your shit out of luck. I'll just kick your little beacon off, or move it to something else that has no value. What are you going to do about it?

Comment Meh (Score 0) 144

Hype about this kind of petered out and died last year, surprised Google didn't get the memo.

Not sure the idea of wearable computer devices will ever take off, can't imagine more people looking like asshats wearing heads up displays along with their Bluetooth earpieces. If you need that much informational feedback about your surroundings then you might be a complete idiot.

Having stuff available ready at my fingertips on a screened device is about as far as I need the constant connection to an online presence, anything I have to wear to beam information into my eyes is just silly.

Don't get me wrong I am sure there are some applications for this but for general public consumption this project is useless.

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 533

Considering that the CDC found that leafy veggies, fruits and nuts are more likely to spread infectious disease then meat, fish and cheeses, and that most people just assume that if its green its good, then it stands to reason shoving the same granola crunching greens into the same bag over and over again is eventually going to become contaminated with something that will make you sick. All it takes is a half rotted piece of lettuce fermenting in the California sun to give you a rough time in the bathroom.

I am actually sick of plastic bag bans in general.

First, consider the the weight of a plastic bag vs the weight of everything else that is thrown you, and you realize just how stupid banning plastic bags are. For every plastic bag thrown out, tonnes more garbage goes along with it. People just react to some large number of plastic bags thrown out represented as number of elephants and overreact, however nobody mentions the weight ratio of plastic bags vs all the rest of garbage thrown out. Its like that 1 watt of power your TV is using in stand-by is the reason for global warming, but nobody cares about the 12 kilowatts of "other" often wasted power your home is using at any given time. Of course then someone show's a dolphin suffocating with a plastic bag caught in its blowhole, but I am fairly certain Greenpees just does that to be sensational, no dolphin can be that stupid.

Second, plastic can be made out of 100% biodegradable (real bio degradable, as in becoming plant food) vegetable oil, so there is no real reason to avoid using the correct kind of plastic bag. Its a conspiracy from grocery stores in many municipalities to charge 0.05 extra for something that costs thousands of a penny to make. Its 99.9999999% profit. Grocery stores are not going to freely give away biodegradable plastic bags that cost a few thousands of a penny more to produce.

Third, today's plastic bag is tomorrow's source of hydrocarbons. One day someone is going to become a billionaire mining old landfills for its metal and hydrocarbon content when the stuff because scarce in raw form. I say just put it all in a hole until it is profitable to "recycle" landfills, saves us the hassle and BS of having to separate stuff at home that ultimately ends up in the landfill anyways because the warehouses are full of worthless crap.

Comment Actually your mistake is (Score 1) 332

Using a spreadsheet and not a real program. There are countless frameworks and libraries for data analysis found in any real programming language if you accept the idea of writing a real program, opposed to trying to shoehorn a real language into a spreadsheet app. Remember, spreadsheets are designed for managers, and we all know how stupid managers are right?

Also the idea of looking for some obscure spreadsheet alternative just because you don't like the syntax is another fail. Not sure what you are doing, but there is a reason why Excel is a defacto standard in business circles and not "Bob's Awesome Spreadsheet XL".

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