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Comment Re:So from here on out ... (Score 5, Informative) 2416

SCOTUS accepted the government's theory that it was a tax. The government advocated two mutually exclusive constitutional theories:

1. Congress has the right to force citizens to enter into commerce, under the commerce clause -- the mandate penalty was just that, a penalty.

2. Congress has the right to tax any behavior it sees fit -- the mandate penalty was, for this purpose, a tax.

SCOTUS rejected the first claim (proving that they do see limits to the commerce clause sometimes), and accepted the second claim. SCOTUS did not create the idea that it was the mandate was a new tax -- the government did.

Comment Re:Pentagon work (Score 1) 115

Anyone got McGuyver's phone number? I'm sure he can get the robot to do *something* with the duct tape and swizzle stick.

Hmmm, duct tape.
Note to self: Pitch reality TV show to A&E hosted by Richard Dean Anderson and Steve Smith. Contestants must solve high-tech problems using only the household items that they are given. The items always include duct tape and empty beer cans.

Comment Re:Link soup (Score 1) 79

If I tell you it's Katie's birthday today, it would be polite of me to tell you who Katie is. Similarly, a news report should provide, at least epithetically, a description of its subject.

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