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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 700

Let's see how you feel after Sony's monitoring programs see how good you are at Starfighter and recruit you in their real world war against the Ko-Dan Empire. Meanwhile, your android replacement will be sleeping with your wife.

Wait a minute! This is Slashdot, what is this "wife" thing you speak of?

Comment Re:IANAL, but... (Score 1) 430

The problem here is that if you do take them to small claims court there is one of two things that will happen. Thing number one is that you'll pay for filing a small claim (usually around $50 court costs to file) win a default judgment and UBI will just ignore you. Now you're out another $60 but Hey! You have your satisfaction. Thing number two is the same as thing number one, but instead of ignoring you, UBI will appeal the verdict, get the claim moved to a court of their choosing closer to their lawyers and you'll have to do some serious traveling to defend your claim. In which case you are out some serious cash now. THAT is why taking this kind of stuff to small claims just isn't worth it, either way, you're gonna end up being screwed more than you were going in.

Comment Re:Double-edged sword (Score 1) 790

I'm not sure that filtering has an effect on their common carrier status. I believe that you are referencing their "Safe Harbor" status under the DMCA which protects ISPs from being sued by copyright owners for the works that the ISP's users are transmitting across the carriers lines.

Comment Victim harassment (Score 1, Insightful) 383

If the judge has ruled that this photo is not incriminating for the girls in them, because the DA cannot prove that they produced, or distributed the photos then doesn't that mean that the girls are the "victims" here? And if the girls are the victims here, then what does that say about a prosecutor that threatens victims with false charges unless they agree to terms set by him? It sounds to me like the prosecutor is used to badgering the victims in his cases to get the outcome or version of the truth that he desires. I wonder how many other victims this guy has berated or threatened with other charges in order to get them to say what he wants them to say. Might make good ammunition for defense attorneys to ask to have another look at the witnesses that this guy has used in the past. Either way, it's not right. (and yes, I'm new to this planet)

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