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Comment Re:Obvious.... (Score 1) 1563

Not all Christian's believe the cracker is the actual body of christ. Many recognize (rightly so) that the cracker is a symbol.

Please do not lump all Christian beliefs into one general idea, when there are many different denominations (versions) of the religion.

As far as speaking in tongue's goes, it was originally the idea that God would give the person the ability to talk to someone of a different language background. For example, a guy that speaks only English would be able to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, without ever having studied the language. Modern speaking in tongue's is just a bastardization of that, and there are even Christian's who recognize that many people that practice it, are doing it wrong.


FBI Head Wants Strong Data Retention Rules 256

KevHead writes "Speaking at a conference of international police chiefs, FBI Director Robert Mueller called for strict data retention guidelines for US ISPs. Echoing DHS head Michael Cherthoff's assertion that the Internet was enabling terrorists to telecommute to work, Mueller went further and said that the US needs stricter data retention guidelines. '"All too often, we find that before we can catch these offenders, Internet service providers have unwittingly deleted the very records that would help us identify these offenders and protect future victims," Mueller said. The solution? Forcing ISPs to retain data for set periods of time.' If that happens, how long before the MPAA and RIAA start asking to take a peek at the data too, as they have in Europe?"

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