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Comment Re:The Sanctity of Life (Score 0) 646

More and more these "excessive treatment" items are appearing, part of the big sell to save Obama care. All of it leads inevitably to denial of care by Gov't services, and an obligation to die. The "Fine by me, as long as you pay for it all yourself" attitude expressed as "cost savings" for care deemed fuitile by Gov't bean counters. This is the predicted nightmare of gov't mandates. In the long run, the 1% will buy their own, the rest will be given a bed in which to die, just do the responsible thing and don't wait too long, there is a long line.

Comment Re:Suuuure, it was "found" (Score 1) 492

Except they have the actual gadget, and they took it apart. This is not the Apple way. Most seem to agree, it looks like the real deal, so what is baffling everyone is Apple's reputation for control. How could this happen? The gut, widespread reaction seems to be collective cognitive dissonance. "They meant to do that". But imagine that this thing did actually get away? What is it worth to a competitor? Someone made a bit of a calculation error. "Math is hard". Aha! Breasts. Breasts are always involved in the big stupid. Because they are capable of mind control. Like now, you completely forgot what I was talking about.

Comment Re:Just let Ebooks die already (Score 1) 538

I am holding out for a device with a new dual screen, both LCD and eReader. Until then, the old XP tablet is fine. For me it is the white, not the light that is the problem, so I switch to gray background on everything. Murdock is anti-competitive, like all corporations, but it is surprising that they do not recognize they are competing with free. Napster was a lifetime ago. The one that ticks me off the most is schoolbooks and college texts. This is an place to save a lot of money, nationally. Just let the local systems decide how to manage it, but require that the books be available in electronic form.

What MSN, Google, Yahoo and AOL Know About You 169

hotgist writes "America's top four Internet companies, Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft's MSN, promise they will protect the personal information of people who use their online services to search, shop and socialize. But a close read of their privacy policies reveals as much exposure as protection. The massive amounts of data these companies collect, which can include records of the searches you make, the health problems you research and the investments you monitor, can be requested by government investigators and subpoenaed by your legal adversaries. But this same information is generally not available to you."

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