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Comment Re:Good thing he's In Canada not NJ. (Score 1) 289

I agree with the spirit of what you are saying, and your frustration. But the Jersey school folks are not a court. Your assessment of our northern friends is a bit blinkered. Quebec suffers from PC phobias and acceptable idea codes that are far beyond the US now, although there are some here willing to catch up. For example, there was an effort to silence Mark Steyn, even to the point of putting ideas on trial.The good news? It comically failed, thanks to the very quick witted Steyn. for the curious: It is worth checking out.

Comment Re:H.G. Wells (Score 0) 171

Did anyone else laugh out loud when reading this story? Is this a joke, a hoax? Well's tale is of a limited number of things quickly killed off by an alien element. This theorized killer bug argument requires evolution and adaptation suspended for multiple generations. 10 million years in fact. This is perhaps the most profoundly stupid theory I have ever heard. It merits a special trophy in the creator's names. A subset of the darwin awards.

Comment NPR Expert, World Bank guy (Score 1) 339

Good News! The world bank dude Expert on Global Warming spoketh on the NPR: They are steadfastly committed to preventing third world development, 97% of scientists agree, Crest gets teeth cleaner! That means, for the learning impaired, no real New competition after the Chinese bubble goes Boom Boom Boom! Out go the lights. (Note from Forgotten Ancient Historic Detail of Century 20? State run economy is Big Fail!) (so is best to have deciders just kill all hungry people and inconvenient disagree-ers)

Comment Re:Take your european haughtiness (Score 1) 297

Don't let it get to you dude. it is the modern racism, generalization. Always accompanied by name calling, etc. Thing is, next time you stroll around a piece of that fouled soil, that rotting corpse once called "western civilization"? Look em in the eye. They take a step back, in fear. Then they get out of the way.

Comment Brilliant! (Score 1) 163

That is certainly what they need, less readers! A smaller echo chamber! Someone relate the news to folks at the Post? Wait, don't they do news and stuff? Rumor is, they once did. It will be an exquisite pleasure to watching that already dead body twist in the wind, from a self made rope. How soon before they call for a Bailout? This reaffirms my assertion that the biggest paper pushing assholes have risen to the top, everywhere. This one, literally.

Comment Re:May be an interesting slide show... (Score 1) 206

IE9 fail. Crashed browser page. Twice. An excellent bad example, for the deciders to see. See also Cnet, Wired, The Verge. Good examples? Drudge, Instapundit, reddit. I suspect these companies have too many employees, a culture of change fed by sheer terror, and a long view that extends at least half way to next week.

Comment Re:Reading the summary (Score 1) 371

A protest about the err, state of the art? An art history book makes an artistic statement. More likely the expensive book scam combines here with academia's standard unconsciousness to make them look like greedy fools. They may recover from it, if there is a lot of bad PR. Just go the full Pee Wee. "We meant to do that".

Comment Re:Obvious propaganda is obvious. (Score 1) 272

The dramatic USA Today county by county map from 2000 is the one that I recall. Red was used for the shock value, front page of the paper.

Darn colors are backwards. Now the R's are the bloody revolutionaries, D's fear the extremists, and want to preserve the status quo. I blame this darn map. Heh.

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