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Comment Re:2 people agreeing is news? (Score 1) 411

Just because some of the people in the neighboring countries are of arabian descent too?

Because the leaders of those neighboring countries publicly declare that the Palestinians are their brothers, and lead their countries to war on the Palestinians behalf. Yes, I know those leaders are hypocritical fucks that are just using the Palestinians as political tools instead of being honestly concerned with their welfare, I'd still rather live somewhere where the leadership is paying lip service to the idea of me being an equal to all the other citizens.

If all the resources that have been spent on attacking Israel were instead spent on providing transportation, housing, and education for Palestinian Refugees, the problem would have been solved by now.

Comment Re:2 people agreeing is news? (Score 2) 411

Eh, if every other surrounding neighborhood had a culture similar to my own, and felt so strongly about it that they were willing to go to war to try to throw that new incoming nationality out of my neighborhood, only failing because they weren't strong enough to succeed militarily...

I'd move to one of those surrounding neighborhoods.

Comment Re:Exactly what the article says.. (Score 1) 841

Eh, there are the idiots who flunked out because they were incapable. They're flipping burgers now.

Then there are the smart ones who did a cost/benefit analysis. Even the Engineering professors told us straight up in Intro to Engineering, management is where the money is. They split off into things like MIS, did about a tenth of the work the Engineers do, and have job prospects nearly as good as we do.

It's economic realities like that drawing a lot of the best and brightest away from Engineering.

Comment Exactly what the article says.. (Score 0) 841

I'm graduating in may from a BSEE program, and I must say this is largely correct. Calculus and physics courses from freshman and sophmore year were largely sink-or-swim where about half the class would drop before we even reached the halfway point of the term. They had more students sign up then they had capacity to teach, so weeding out students was the explicit purpose of those classes, to the point where we'd lose 50% or more by halfway through the term, and of the half that remained, a fair number still failed.

Unnecessary homework load is the prime culprit. Freshman and Sophmore level classes will routinely assign homework where you'll learn how to solve a particular kind of problem the first time, and then repeat it with minor alterations another dozen times. Compare this to Junior and Senior level classes where we'll get three very difficult problems, and that's it. Additional studying or examples can be done at the student's discretion.

Since every class is loading you down with the same level of unnecessary busywork, you're inevitably so swamped that you stop sleeping, lose out on any kind of social life, and tear your hair out from the stress. Frankly, I sometimes wonder if I'm the stupid one for sticking with it, when I could have just said, "Fuck it," and coasted through a business major without even trying like several of my peers ended up doing.


Comment Re:I stopped reading the responses after... (Score 1) 920

Caffeine yes. It certainly applies to coffee, you'd need to drink an awful lot of soda to experience anything.

Get addicted enough to the stuff, then stop cold turkey. You get a bitchin' headache for a few days.

It's really mild compared to what I hear smokers go through, but it's still an addiction.

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