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Submission + - Wii Connect 24 may cause heat-related problems. (

mgabrys_sf writes: "WiiConnect24, a system built into Wii to keep the console constantly connected to the internet when on standby, is reported to be causing consoles to develop faults." reports Mine hasn't bricked but I can confirm that the unit seems very warm to the touch — warmer than when played in fact. Even if the problem isn't widespread, I deactivated WC24 because — as the article says — it's proved to be a non-essestial feature so far anyway and not worth risking a slow heat-death situation over the lifespan of the unit.

Submission + - Wii puts Japanese TV stations under pressure

Knuckles writes: "The Times reports that "Japanese desert prime-time TV to play on their Nintendo Wii". Recent figures from Japan's audience-tracking firms show that "last week was the first in nearly two decades where no single show on any commercial station attracted more than a 9 per cent audience share. "According to one senior executive of the country's largest commercial television channel, Fuji TV, families who used to tune in to its colourful diet of soap operas, panel games and comedy variety shows may, instead, be drifting away and choosing to spend the same, economically-critical "golden hour" time playing on their Wii."

Personally, I'd like new games, but I can bridge the gap with the virtual console. If only it worked with PAL games over component cables."

Feed Engadget: Brando extends the Wiicessory madness with "Cooking Mother Kit" (

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The Wii game-to-accessory ratio seems to just keep getting smaller and smaller, with accessory-mad Brando now further expanding your add-on options with its "Wii Cooking Mother Kit." Designed to be used with the so far accessory-deprived Cooking Mama game, the kit includes a frying pan, knife, spade, and fork, which are apparently guaranteed to "enhance the fun of playing the game." And, really, is there anything more more fun than wildly flailing sharp objects around? Those willing to take that risk can order their set now for $17.

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Submission + - PSP Homebrew Scene Marks Major Milestone (

wamerocity writes: Despite Sony's efforts to lock down the PSP with each new firmware in lieu of adding desired functionality, it seems that PSP Homebrew god "Fanjita" has released a downgrader for firmware 3.50 (Yes, Sony's most current firmware for the PSP) that requires a new Illuminati exploit as well as a legitimate copy of the game Lumines. This means ANYONE can now put homebrew on their PSP despite their current firmware. This news recently sent the game Lumines to the top selling video game item on Amazon, second only to the Wii.

For those who wonder why they should care, the PSP has open firmware such as the DarkAlex 3.40 OE that allows you to play PS1 games (at full speed), SNES, NES, Sega, MAME, GB/GBC/GBA, N64 games, all while retaining the ability to use Sony's "intended features". The homebrew scene has other programs that allow you to watch any video type, use it as a remote control, get RSS feeds, listen to internet radio, use VNC service, use an IR keyboard, as well as a dozen other programs. There's even a new version of Vista some have released for it, as a proof of concept I'd hope, since Vista really blows.

Feed Engadget: Hori's Fighting Stick Wii joystick to head stateside (

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Sure hope you didn't spend too much in a bidding war over that homegrown Wii joystick back in December, as it looks like accessory maker extraordinaire Hori is planning to unveil something mighty similar real soon. According to Play-Asia, the firm's Fighting Stick Wii controller will be hitting the Japanese market in August, giving virtual console gamers a swank alternative to the Wii Classic Controller. Additionally, IGN has supposedly confirmed that an American release "is planned," and while a US pricetag has yet to emerge, those overseas can get their order in now for $52.90.

[Via IGN]

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Feed Engadget: Wii pool cue attachement hustles you out of $13 (

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Adding to the growing list of chintzy plastic Wiimote accessories, this pool cue add-on seems like it could also be pretty useful for dramatically browsing the News Channel. The kit features an outer shell for the Wiimote and a three-piece shaft -- no word on what the tip is made of, but you can be certain that chalking it up won't help you sink that last shot.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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Submission + - Swedish musicians conduct concert with Wiimotes

An anonymous reader writes: Utilizing some Wiimotes and a GlovePIE script, some Wii fans known as "ii" from Stockholm, Sweden managed to conduct a two-man concert recently. In the embedded video, their song "aa" is performed and we find ourselves to be in a mild state of awe. We just love what people can do with their Wiimotes!

The story and a video of the performance at

Submission + - Analysts Predict Wii Shortages To Continue

Anonymous Coward writes: "According to several top industry analysts, Nintendo could face continued stock shortages for it's latest home console, Wii, throughout much of 2007. Furthermore, analysts believe that due to these shortages, Nintendo is likely to miss out on the crucial holiday sales period for the second year running. Colin Sebastian, analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, observed, "Demand still appears to exceed supply, and we believe that shortages could persist through the remainder of the year, including the key holiday period.""
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Playing Games With Your Significant Other

rabydanimal writes: I'm sure many a Slashdotter has been vexed by this conundrum: What video games can I play with my significant other? Sure there are hardcore female gamers out there but the fact of the matter is most male gamers have girlfriends and wives that just can't be bothered with space marines, gun fights, and racing sims. Growing up with the NES, the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis many people from my generation enjoy simple, classic gaming. My girlfriend is no exception. She enjoys games that she can learn quickly, are challenging and don't involve killing people. I have contemplated buying entirely new game systems (i.e. the Wii) with the hope that at least one game for that system is appealing to her so we can play together. What modern, non-violent games and systems does the Slashdot community recommend for a girlfriend of a gaming nerd?

Feed Brando offers up USB-powered Plasma Ball (

Filed under: Home Entertainment

Yeah, this is just what everyone needed: more pointless electronic rubbish to clutter up your desk. Lacking the charm of other useless USB accessories (USB sushi: it's got cred!), Brando opted to give a regular Plasma Ball the USB connectivity it never wanted. For $16.99, the ability to awe your colleagues and family members with an interactive light show they've seen dozens of times is within your grasp! Hey, at least the base isn't lined with blue LEDs.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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