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Comment Re:Another possible cause (Score 1) 251

Seems to be working for these companies I'm talking about, and for some more, like Spotify. Either pay a monthly fee or enjoy the ads, but anyway get access to a huge catalog of content you wouldn't otherwise be purchasing.

Just like ISPs moved from charging by the minute or the kB to flat-rate, monthly billing.

Comment Re:Another possible cause (Score 2, Informative) 251

A lot of P2P users out there aren't aware that they're sharing their whole drive, and you want them to know about port forwarding? What about those situations in which you're not in charge of the network?

The only thing I pointed out is that, from my own experience, I've seen many P2P sites and forums which have left torrents and elinks behind, in favor of file hosting services like Rapidshare.

Believe it or not, the majority of file sharers don't belong to that elite you seem to be speaking for, and that mambo-jambo about ports and forwards and peers sounds a lot more confusing that "click this link and type those characters into that box" to them. If that's easier for them, they'll just leave, and the drop in P2P traffic due to this will be significantly higher than what you and your computer-savvy friends could provoke if you all stopped torrenting.

Beside, when I use Rapidshare, I get upwards of 950 kB/s for a single file from the beginning (most of the time; when I don't, I just ask again for the file and that'll change the mirror) on a 320/1000 kbps DSL link. Call me back when you get that on uTorrent, from a single TCP connection that won't saturate a multi-user router like 200+ would.

Comment Re:Another possible cause (Score 3, Interesting) 251

Or maybe, like I've done, people are switching back to direct downloading.

Why waste your time installing and setting up an application (incl. firewall settings), when you can pay 55 euro por a year of rapidshare and download anything from anywhere?

eMule used to be really popular in Spain, with elinks flooding forums all around. Now it's all rapidshare, megaupload, easyshare...

Social Networks

Twitter Offline Due To DDoS 398

The elusive Precision dropped a submission in my lap about a DDoS taking down Twitter running on CNet. It's been down for several hours, no doubt wreaking havoc on the latest hawtness in social networking. Won't someone please think of the tweeters? Word is that both Facebook & LiveJournal have been having problems this AM as well.

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