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Comment Re:The government is obsessed with felons (Score 1) 643

If I ever committed a felony in the United States, once I got out of jail I would leave the country one way or another. You become a noncitzen after your conviction. What ever happened to rehabilitation?

There's a good chance that other countries would refuse you admittance with a felony in your history.

Comment Re:What a bewildering game (Score 1) 146

...I've never known how to play it. Had the module, but no manual. It was almost as bewildering as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Didn't help that I hadn't, and still haven't, seen either movie (honestly...). Sadly my favourite 2600 games are rarely mentioned any more (most are by Imagic and Activision, not Atari).

Dragon's Lair and Kaboom FTW!

The ET movie had essentially nothing to do with the game. Seeing or not seeing it would in no way change your understanding of the game.

Comment Re:selection bias? (Score 1) 152

Ok, by the time you posted this brain fart of a post, the story had been up for ~six hours with a myriad of comments. The original article, many comments, and the summary all point out that this study involved elective surgeries or 'planned surgery'. Did you read anything other than the headline? Did you not understand "planned surgery"?

Comment Re:Statistics can be misleading (Score 1) 152

Weird, maybe you need to find a better group of specialists. I can tell you from first hand experience, at least one of Dick Cheney's cardiologists does surgeries after Wednesday. Now, I'm not saying he's the best cardiologist in the world, but I'd be willing to bet that someone as wealthy and connected as the Evil Dick wasn't being treated by people who could barely sober up enough to get through Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

Comment Re:Statistics can be misleading (Score 1) 152

Coming from a family with a doctor and multiple nurses, I can say you are spot on. Another factor is that some doctors and nurses, particularly in emergency medicine, prefer the cases that come in at night and on the weekends.

GP had an interesting theory, but given the way it's worded, it's merely a troll rather than an alternative hypothesis.

(Oh, and three shifts for nurses is not as common an arrangement as it used to be. GF has almost exclusively worked 12 hour shifts for ~10 years.)

Comment Re:Comments were indeed lies (Score 1) 590

To be fair to PETA, at least one example from TFA is absolutely false:

it objects to terms like "animal Kervorkians,"

It is completely false and unfair to compare PETA to Dr. Kevorkian. Dr. Kervokian only killed people who volunteered to die. PETA, on the other hand, is killing animals who have not volunteered to die. PETA is an organization animal murderers (the meat goes to waste, therefore it is murder and not food) while Dr. Kevorkian assisted patients in committing suicide. Big difference.

That would be the opinion of the poster. Opinion is pretty well protected by the first amendment. Further, they are neither true nor false. (TBH, it might be part of a falsifiable statement, but the way you have presented it, I rather doubt that is the case.)

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