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Comment Re:I'm somewhat disturbed... (Score 1) 264

Agreeing with parent on this. I keep two credit cards (different types since not all merchants take certain ones), and pay them off every month. I charge pretty much everything, getting points on one, and cash back on the other. Getting money back from paying my kids $120k education was a bonus.

Comment Re:that wasn't 'no rules' (Score 2) 127

I'm guessing you don't have kids, or been responsible for them. Preteens will generally play with the package as much as the toy inside. The bigger the box, the better, especially if they can fit inside of it. you don't need something fancy or expensive to entertain them.

Heard your kid say "I'm bored"? Send them outside, or give them a chore. Both work wonders. Too many helicopter parents feel the need to fill every waking moment of their child's life with planned activities.

Comment Re:that wasn't 'no rules' (Score 1) 127

We ran into this about fifteen years ago when my company first started to let people telecommute. I was part of our pilot program. Some of the managers didn't mind, but a few complained that they didn't have a way to know when their people were working. Those managers should have been fired. If they don't collect production metrics, and can't tell if their employees are delivering products on schedule, then they have no business being in charge. Anyway, we still get to telecommute with our direct manager's approval. That said, it's not for everyone. Some people need structure, and work better when being told what to do constantly. One size doesn't fit all.

Comment Re:The real point of what Detroit has to offer... (Score 3) 398

Lakes Michigan and Superior have seen a small drop over the last 20 years, which likely depends on overall precipitation. Others have not. From Wikipedia: The source of water levels in the lakes is tied to what was left by melting glaciers when the lakes took their present form. Annually, only about 1% is "new" water originating from rivers, precipitation, and groundwater springs that drain into the lakes. This is balanced by evaporation and drainage, making the level of the lakes historically constant.[10]

As for pollution, do you have any references? I'd argue that the lakes have gotten cleaner since the 70s, but I don't have evidence other than my own visuals.

Useful water level link below shows history back to the 1800s.

Comment Re:"The Justin Bieber of chess" ?! (Score 1) 449

Bieber is famous for singing. Ok, so I don't particularly enjoy his music, but his fame is at least based on a talent - as opposed to people like Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashion, who never really showed any particular talent, except for self-promotion.

Yes, never underestimate the ability of 12 yr. old girls in their ability to identify singing talent.

But seriously, I'd argue that it's all about good marketing, and good hair/looks, and an very minute amount of talent.

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