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Comment Re:Do Some Homework Allison (Score 1) 545

You're letting your bias get in the way of seeing the point I was making.

There's some bias here, all right, but it's not sribe who's exhibiting it. You seem bizarrely determined to find fault with a completely accurate statement.

I see that reading comprehension is not your strong point. I defy you to point to any bias in it. I sided neither for or against daylight saving time.

Comment Re:Do Some Homework Allison (Score 1) 545

You're letting your bias get in the way of seeing the point I was making. You at least attempted to utilize some unreferenced "facts". She didn't. I'm not implying that you or Allison are actually wrong, but if you're going to spout off and call it journalism, at least don't be so god damn lazy.

Comment Do Some Homework Allison (Score 3, Insightful) 545

"The actual energy savings are minimal, if they exist at all."

Blah, blah, blah...She obviously doesn't know if they're minimal, because she doesn't know if they exist. You can love or hate it, but at least if you're going to argue for one side or the other, present some fucking facts.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 201

Letting the market work it out is only fair when all participants are on a level playing field. When the cost of living in some other country is much lower than ours, people from there are likely to be willing to work for wages that we would consider to be poverty scale. Exporting (or importing workers) those jobs may help the companies, but is screwing over the public, and forcing lower wages. Eventually, you'll end up with a public that is unable to afford the products that companies are sell, or the education required to fill open positions.

I'm generally pro-business, but I see this as short sighted, and harmful to the nation.

Comment Re:So now we're all skeptics... (Score 1) 197

Ah, so you would have believed the sun revolved around the earth, at least until around 1514 or so. Or, that eggs were good for you, oh wait, they're bad, oops, nevermind, they're good again. Or maybe that until 1982 most believed that gastric ulcers were caused by stress and spicy foods instead of bacteria.

Personally, I choose not to believe experts without some basic evidence that can be explained in layman's terms. Not doing so is to follow those who believed the experts when we were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Show me some evidence.

As for climate change, I'm not a "denier", but I've yet to see solid evidence that it's anthropomorphic. But, I'll also admit that I haven't searched for it...color me uncommitted to either side of the argument.

Comment Re:And this is here because.. (Score 1) 249

A nerds dream is not to try and land a plane, a nerds dream is to land a space ship (or get laid, depending on who's stereo type you prefer).

YMMV. Knowing that I'd never have the opportunity to land a space ship, the next best thing was landing an airplane. Don't like the article, don't read it. And at a minimum, don't rage about tends to get you modded down.

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