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Comment Re:built into the kernel?! (Score 1) 279

The plan his to encourage third-party lenses, 13.04 (or 13.10, I forgot) is supposed with over 100 lenses, many of them community developed. The complaint previously was that while there is an off switch in the settings, lenses could ignore this. This didn't matter as long as there were only official lenses, but now it does. I guess they wanted to prevent similar complains, but they did not consider that on /. being diligent is bad when you are Canonical.

Comment Re:poppycock (Score 4, Interesting) 92

But the Ubuntu press release explicitly says that the code will be shared when the project "is completed", which it is obviously not. And getting upset about a marketing video seems like a waste of time. It's not new that a marketing video may not present the actual current development status, but the one that you want to sell down the road.

Comment Re:Then why not just buy a PC? (Score 1) 129

I agree that that's an option. But I don't need to reiterate to you the (perceived or real) advantates of consoles over PCs. It's a fact that some people prefer a console (at least for some games/applications/rooms) whether you like it or not, and I still think it's stupid if the OP complains about the PS4 being faster than the aged PS3. And what's really dumb is the AC saying that wanting faster hardware is automatically the same as having entered in a pissing contest, and to accuse console players in particular just because a new console generation will be launched. If wanting faster hardware was somehow wrong in itself (which it isn't) the charge should surely be directed at PC gamers.

Comment Re:Sony: you are idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 129

So basically console gamers are in a e-penis contest with pc gamers.

Who said that? You know very well that it's simply fun to have a new machine with better game graphics.

Ironic considering that if you stream games all that superior e-penis power goes to waste.

Nobody said PS4 would be stream-only, as far as I can tell.

Comment Re:It's been dropping for a long time (Score 1) 605

Interesting, but the greek and latin parts don't seem too difficult for someone who actually studied those languages for 6 years or so, which must have been common in 1899, for someone seeking entry into Harvard. The history stuff is impressive simply because it's ancient, but don't forget that current students have to deal with 20th century history on top of that and a more complex view of history in general, and it's no surprise that some stuff gets left behind. The math exam is quite a bit simpler than the topics and questions we would get on average in the exams for general qualification for university entrance (at age 18 usually) during my time (end of the 80ies in Europe)

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