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Comment Re:Whoopty do (Score 1) 147

The problem with installing flavor A and then apt-getting DE B is always that you end up with a gazillion different utilities which clutter up your menus and are confusing even to the seasoned linux user. You can do it, and it may be reasonable if you are evaluating DEs prior to a decision, but it's not pretty. Given Ubuntu's targets they are doing it right IMHO.

Comment Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

If speeding fines were made to not just slurp up revenue, they would be done similar to Germany's system where every time one is caught, they pay the cop and go on. Eventually getting pulled over every quarter mile and paying $20-25 gets old and people start complying with the limit.

In Germany, you also get entries into a central register, and they will pull your license if you accrue a certain number of points.

Comment Re:Goverment coersion is wrong. (Score 1) 228

employees are free to sign contracts of employment that specify disclosure about monitoring practices just as they are free to sign contracts of employment that specify disclosure about monitoring practices. Why does either party need the nanny state to step in?

Because without the state we end up with these choices.

Comment Re: Of course... (Score 1) 419

Everyone else being RedHat. In the long run, Wayland may become what Canonical needed after all, and Canonical may be proven wrong, or Mir may turn out to be a great Idea. We will see. Today this is far from clear, and certainly they didn't needlessly create a competitor to a Wayland that everyone already uses.

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