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Comment Re:Knock it off with that quote (Score 1) 385

The places like the Congo (and other similar situations you'd raise) aren't actually examples of a pure libertarian or even anarchic state. The problems they face are mostly due to a high-turnover system of despotic leaders working against their own populations and/or failing to properly lead the country in general, combined with natural problems of food scarcity and a poorly-developed economy.

So they are actually exactly like a pure libertarian or even anarchic state.

Comment Re:Yeah, let's do that... (Score 1) 235

I subsumed "replacing" under "fixing", just like I do with anything that is sufficiently broken in my house. I am surprised by these problems, I used a number of different routers in the past 10 years and never had a problem, much less as frequent as the GP. In fact I agree that having lights that depend on working wifi is maybe not the best idea, but it seems weird to complain about it based on an obviously broken router. It's like saying that all electric household appliances are stupid and useless, based on having a shitty electricity provider.

Comment Re:Yeah, let's do that... (Score 5, Insightful) 235


I can't think of anything worse than a bulb that's at the mercy of your WiFi router. My router falls over roughly twice a week and needs rebooting.
Congratulations, you just took one of the most reliable appliances in the home and made it grotesquely unreliable.
That's real progress...right there.

Fix your router?

Comment Re:Summary Fail (Score 1) 124

But, then, how is anyone else to know about the dwarf. From the viewer's perspective the dwarf doesn't exist.

True, unless the viewer at some point can examine the scene. (Photos and videos from a multitude of other sources, especially earlier ones. Granted, this works better with backgrounds less ambulatory than dwarfs)

For that matter, dwarfs might not even exist at all!

Might. All you know is that you haven't observed one :p

Comment Re:Summary Fail (Score 2) 124

Background has to be static for it to work.

Nevertheless, an interesting accomplishment.

Surely the person has to move far enough across the static background to reveal at last in one frame what's behind the person? I mean, if I'm standing in front of a dwarf for the whole duration of the video, how is the software to know about the dwarf?

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