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Comment Re:Sounds cool on the surface (Score 1) 179

First of all, this does not answer my question what exactly it is that makes it "need cloud storage" to work. Even if we accept that Ubuntu "pushes" cloud storage, what is it about the desciption that makes you think it would require it?

Never mind that all that Ubuntu does with cloud "storage" is to offer you a 5 GB Ubuntu One account when installing the OS, which you simply can ignore or disable. And even if you are opposed to the Dash search (which also utilizes remote servers, though not for cloud storage) and that's what you actually complained about, I can't see what it is about the description that would make it "need" that, either.

Comment Re:Unity hate in 1, 2, 3... (Score 2) 179

I'm really surprised, this story has by far the smallest ratio of irrational Ubuntu hate posts of any Ubuntu story in the past year. This must mean that Shuttleworth is onto something - and in fact I do find it difficult to find major flaws with the stuff he said in TFA. I found the whole idea appealing from the start, and if this plan works out, I'll be the first in line to get an Ubuntu TV, phone, tablet, laptop, and/or whatever I have to buy to finally get seamless free software-based unification for my devices from phone to TV.

Comment Re:Video games/violence (Score 1) 223

You're so predictable, but unfortunately for you, that would only apply to me if he had said "children and adults" rather than just "children."

But I fail to see how that was an appropriate, logical response to my comment. Hopefully it was just a joke, but it's hard to tell over the Internet.

Well yeah it was a joke, but you did act like an 8 year old whose XBox had just been taken away.

Comment Re:built into the kernel?! (Score 1) 279

The plan his to encourage third-party lenses, 13.04 (or 13.10, I forgot) is supposed with over 100 lenses, many of them community developed. The complaint previously was that while there is an off switch in the settings, lenses could ignore this. This didn't matter as long as there were only official lenses, but now it does. I guess they wanted to prevent similar complains, but they did not consider that on /. being diligent is bad when you are Canonical.

Comment Re:poppycock (Score 4, Interesting) 92

But the Ubuntu press release explicitly says that the code will be shared when the project "is completed", which it is obviously not. And getting upset about a marketing video seems like a waste of time. It's not new that a marketing video may not present the actual current development status, but the one that you want to sell down the road.

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