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Video Game Documentary Stirs Up Controversy 49

Game Master writes "Billy Mitchell has long been one of the gaming industry's most recognizable players. He appears in a new documentary, King of Kong, which has been screening to very positive reviews at film festivals around the country, and has been picked up by a major motion picture distributor. The movie, which portrays Billy in a very negative light, has come under fire recently in an article posted at, where Billy and others spoke out about what they believed to be an unfair portrayal in the film. 'Ultimately, the documentary hasn't settled the Mitchell/Wiebe debate, which has been going on for nearly a half-decade. Mitchell, Day, Mruczek and several other arcade aficionados are now compiling a response to the film, a timeline they plan to post on in June. An early draft of the document lists [what they refer to as] KOK fiction, like, "Billy Mitchell will stop at nothing in order to keep his DK score," and promises facts that will prove those assertions wrong.' The end of the article seems to imply that legal action may follow."

Submission + - Bruce Willis: Defender of cyberspace

coondoggie writes: "If he can handle it, and I am sure he can Bruce Willis is set to save cyberspace this summer in the fourth installment of the "Die Hard" series called Live free or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 as it's being called in Europe). And he'll be doing it with the help of the Mac guy, Justin Long, who played the Mac in the "I am a Mac" commercials. This time out Willis' retired, divorced and semi-alcoholic character John McClane takes on a cyber-terrorist who attempts to take down the United States' computer systems on the Fourth of July. I am certain the cyber-criminal here won't be as good as the original "Die Hard" enemy, Hans Gruber (aka: Alan Rickman) but I digress. 2"
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Submission + - Madden goes wild

zstlaw writes: Most readers may think of the Madden sports franchise as old news, but a recent headlines indicate that they are pushing new boundaries as some players score more than goals. Because while most playbooks consist of X's and O's, on kid in Utah found his playbook was pure XXX.

Kolton Mahoney, 14-year-old boy from Layton, Utah, was shocked when he put the Madden NFL 07 game in his new Xbox 360 console Christmas day and an explicit image popped up on his television screen.

"This is definitely not Madden," he said recalling his first thought after seeing the image.
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