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Comment Nothing New Here (Score 1) 694

Is this really something new? The problem is not just limited to "entry level courses" In one of my midlevel CS courses (Advanced Java Programming) we were given a half semester long project to develop a complex software program using some aspect of Java we had not learned in class previously. Of the twelve groups that formed,h nine presented & turned in programs that were example programs from a previous java programming course I audited from another college. Being the only single person group and having written the most complex program in the class I was kinda agitated when I learned about some of the programs so I "helpfully" showed the Professor, the programs I had already written, before the groups presented them... The real kicker was, several of the groups did not even bother changing the source code/comments and still had the old course/assignment numbers (and in one case other students names!. In the end I think the professor was way too lenient and no one actually failed the course...

Comment The joke is on them... (Score 1) 452

I signed one of those NDA forms when I interviewed for a job in one of their local datacenters... One of the major things they stressed (and told me several times throughout the interview) was that I could not reveal the locatation of their datacenter (or any other information about it).. no problem.. fast forward a year or so and every 6 months I get a call from a different sales rep for the data center (who also sells telco/data service) and every time one of the first things in their pitch is that Google takes up XX% of their data center... I just find it really funny every time they call.

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