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Comment Re:It's Quite Disingenuous (Score 1) 513

Actually, Hotmail sucks in this regard. If an e-mail address isn't on your contact list, but you receive a ton of e-mail over time from that address (there's a certain threshold), at some point, any additional e-mail sent by that address is automatically marked as spam. And you can't get it to not be marked as spam until you actually put the address into your contact list. So I have a whole bunch of mailing list e-mails that end up in my spam folder along with all the Viagra e-mails, as well as correspondences from certain individuals, making the spam folder utterly useless.

I don't know if things have changed recently, but that's been the way it worked for a long, long time.

Comment Re:Just use windows 8... (Score 4, Insightful) 570

reduced memory/disk footprint

Wait, what? Smaller disk footprint?

better explorer functions like e.g. "admin console here", and built in support for mounting iso's. With windows 7 you have to add these in on your own, with windows 8 they are already there.

With windows 8, you need to add the start button on your own. I'll take the start button over some little-used run cmd as admin anytime.

If you want to show your distaste with metro, enable the customer experience reporting setting and just don't use it. They actually do make design decisions based on that.

I have a better idea. Instead of we the end user put up with Microsoft's crap just so we can give them feedback, why not just give them feedback by not purchasing it at all.

Is that Stockholm syndrome I smell?

Comment Re:Ridiculous hyperbole... FFS (Score 1) 320

There are two reasons why x86 Windows would eat battery.

First, Intel's processors are not power savers. They eat power. They consume power to perform computations, they consume power to cool themselves down to keep from overheating when computing. Just having to translate x86 CISC to RISC on the chip before doing the computation is an additional step that uses power. Even if Atom can turn itself off when idle, it cannot avoid the x86 overhead.

Second, Windows is a resource hog. It was never a very well-coded OS. It was open, and popular (due to its DOS legacy as a result of IBM), but not written with efficiency in mind. And not only that, but with Windows running, the machine will never sit idle. It'll always be doing something in the background.

But Windows 8 isn't going to replace desktops with tablets at work anytime soon. Hell, work machines aren't going to replace Windows XP and 7 with Windows 8 at all, whether on the desktop or some other form factor. It's not that Microsoft declared war on their hardware partners. Instead, I think they declared war on the user. Their hardware partners are just collateral damage.

Comment Re:Can I just ask (Score 1) 320

Why not buy a laptop?

Well, if it's a laptop that runs Windows 8, then the answer is because it runs Windows 8. You can't really get the full experience of Windows 8 out of a laptop. Then again, you probably wouldn't want any experience with Windows 8 at all.

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